The Agriculture Education Committee promotes the Show mission by teaching agriculture education and awareness at local schools and other educational venues. Members volunteer year-round by developing curriculum and giving educational demonstrations.

Members are primarily responsible for the Agricultural Mechanics Contest, assisting with setup, judging and actual operation of the competition. Additionally, the State FFA Tractor Technician Contest is handled by this committee.

This committee assists with purebred cattle, range bull and commercial heifer sales. Committee members receive consignments for the sale, print sale orders and clerk the sales in their entirety.

This committee promotes the Show in surrounding counties through a variety of activities. Each county focuses on increasing ticket sales and Show participation from its area. A Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Area Go Texan Scholarship is awarded to a qualified, outstanding student representing each Area Go Texan county.

Members of the Armed Forces Appreciation Committee serve as liaisons between the Show and U.S. military branches to plan and execute the Armed Forces Appreciation Day during each year’s Show. This committee also coordinates First Responders Day, which honors various public law enforcement, firefighters, EMS and other emergency services agencies in the Houston Metropolitan Area.

The Asset Distribution Committee processes Show-approved requests for golf carts, utility vehicles, ATVs and courtesy vehicles, and manages the distribution of these assets.

Members of the Auctions Assistance Committee assist in activities necessary to efficiently facilitate Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo auctions. Duties include collection of forms at auction committee turn in meetings, data processing, bidder registration and additional administrative tasks.

Members of the Black Heritage Committee promote the Show in the African-American community through awareness and participation while highlighting the Western heritage of Black individuals in Houston and throughout the state. Members’ efforts help provide funds for college scholarships while celebrating Black Heritage Day during the Show each year.

Volunteers on this committee are responsible for greeting all livestock show exhibitors and assisting them with obtaining stall assignments, checking animal health clearances, loading and unloading livestock at NRG Park, and trailer and exhibitor parking lot management. Additionally the Committee assists in the poultry wing-banding in College Station pre-Show. The Committee requires mandatory attendance at two rookie meetings, two committee meetings, and encourages volunteers to participate in Committee team building, social events throughout the year.

The committee plans and organizes the actual scramble event held at each Rodeo performance. Committee members instruct contestants, escort them to the arena and assist with captured calves, as well as keep arena records.

This committee is responsible for obtaining and hosting all calf scramble donors. These committee members also plan and conduct the scramble awards banquet.

This committee is responsible for the Calf Scramble Heifer and Steer Shows during the Show, as well as the Annual Progress Show each fall. Members are assigned two to three scramble winners to mentor throughout the year. This committee aids scramblers during the Show with stalling, check-in and show questions. Finally, members judge the scramblers’ end of year projects.

The Carnival Ticket Sales Committee is committed to serving our community and supporting the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo mission through the presale of discounted carnival packs for families and the solicitation of donations. Donations are directed to the Rodeo’s Educational Fund or are used to purchase half-price carnival packs for active military and charitable organizations in our area.

Members of this committee greet and work with commercial exhibitors at all inside and outside venues where exhibitors are located. They monitor all contractual requirements, audit exhibitors working on a percentage basis, and assist vendors and Show management with a variety of exhibitor-related matters.

Members of this committee help publicize the Show. They photograph calf scramble participants and judging contest winners. They also conduct on-site surveys to provide entertainer preference information and audience demographics.

Members of this committee are responsible for seeking and renewing financial support from the corporate community to fund 4-year scholarships. Members also obtain financial commitments for sponsorships and to underwrite specific Show-related educational programs.

Committee members are responsible for the operation of all Corral Club facilities during the Show, including setup, inventory control, equipment maintenance and enforcement of the Show’s responsible alcohol management program. Additionally, their duties include acting as hosts during some official functions.

Division I
At Large
Auctions and Receptions
Beverage Services
Ticket Sales

Division II
Committeemen’s Club
The Hideout
Main Club
Stockman’s Club

Division III
The Cantina
Chairman’s Club
Chute Club
Club Level East
Club Level West
Directors’ Club
Sky Suites
Suites East
Suites West

The Directions & Assistance Committee is responsible for assisting attendees and exhibitors with information and directions around the Show grounds. They also are responsible for the care of lost children, for the operation of the lost and found room, and distribution of the Show’s Visitors Guide and RODEOHOUSTON® Day Sheets.

Members of this committee are responsible for securing much of the equipment needed for the successful operation of the livestock show and rodeo, World’s Championship Bar-B-Que Contest, and Downtown Rodeo Parade.

During the Show, this committee coordinates the services for numerous Show events, functions and meetings. Members supervise room setup, beverage and food service, sound requirements, and any other activities necessary for a successful event or function.

The Facility Services Committee supervises cleaning staff and contractors to maintain the Show grounds, including the livestock show, horse show and carnival, helping to ensure clean facilities and grounds for the public and exhibitors.

Members of this committee are responsible for the management and operations of the Show’s feed store. They sell animal feed and other supplies to livestock and horse show exhibitors and Rodeo contestants, providing quality service and delivery.

The primary purpose of the Gatekeepers Committee is to ensure proper entrance of patrons who are visiting the Show. Other responsibilities include a combination of hospitality and verifying access through the entry gates.

This committee increases awareness of the Show through special functions held throughout the year and targeted toward the Hispanic community. Members’ efforts help create awareness of scholarship availability and help provide funds for college scholarships as well. This committee also assists Show management in researching potential Hispanic entertainers to perform at the Rodeo while celebrating Go Tejano Day annually on the grounds during the Show.

This committee assists with grand entry procedures, requirements and activities. Members help with participant releases, passes, escorts to the Rodeo arena, and horse and rider placement.

Members of this committee are responsible for preparing signs for functions held year-round and during the Show.

The Grounds Ticket Committee is responsible for customer service and ticket sales for admission to the Rodeo grounds, tickets for the concert and Rodeo in NRG Stadium, and tickets for the World’s Championship Bar-B-Que Contest. Committee members sell tickets at each entrance on the perimeter of NRG Park.

This committee is composed of licensed physicians, dentists and registered nurses who staff a primary care health clinic onsite and provide health services to maintain the well-being of junior and professional exhibitors, vendors and volunteers.

Members of the Horse Show committees are directly responsible for the physical arrangement of the shows. They assist with the setup of barrels, poles, jumps and obstacles; check in each exhibitor at the arena gate; and ensure that all trophies and ribbons are ready for presentation at the conclusion of each class. They maintain an exhibitor hospitality room during their respective shows. Each committee volunteer is involved in raising funds for prize money and awards given during the show.

Cutting Horse
Paint Horse
Quarter Horse
Ranch Horse
Youth Horse

The Chuckwagon Committee is dedicated to providing meals to Horse Show contestants and volunteers. Members set menus, order food and supplies, prepare buffet-style meals, and deliver meals to the Horse Show hospitality room.

Horse Show Equipment
This committee is composed of individuals certified to operate and maintain heavy equipment. Their work begins days before the Show as they assist staff to meet the deadlines of Show setup. During the Show, they maintain the arena and set up barrels, poles, jumps, obstacles and timing equipment.

This committee is responsible for greeting horse show exhibitors, assisting with animal unloading and stalling, and handling exhibitor needs occurring in the horse stall area.

Ranch Rodeo
This committee coordinates all details pertaining to the Ranch Rodeo, including equipment, setup, livestock and entry organization.

Ranch Sorting
This committee is responsible for coordinating the equipment, livestock and participants in the Ranch Sorting National Championship-sanctioned Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Ranch Sorting. This event is open to all RSNC members.

Members of this committee support the competitive and educational components of the horticulture program. The committee supports the program by assisting with the operations of the contests and hosting the educational exhibits.

This committee works to increase community awareness and support for the Show in the Houston area through promotional events and activities. These activities promote Western heritage and celebrate Texas traditions.

This committee is responsible for increasing awareness of the Show through special Go Texan functions. Representatives from Harris, Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Liberty, Montgomery and Waller counties make up this group. These areas, through pre-Show activities, provide a large part of the money for some of the 4-year metropolitan scholarships awarded by the Show. Subcommittees hold dances, style shows, cook-offs and golf tournaments, as well as other events to publicize the Show.

The Industrial Craft Competition is an annual contest where participating high schools are judged on completing a spec built project. The committee is responsible for the design of the yearly project and provides all the necessary raw materials to complete the project. In addition, each participating school will be assigned subject matter experts from the committee to assist them with the technical aspects of the project and overall project management. The committee is also responsible for the execution of the competition and securing funding for project materials and awards. Through this annual competition, the committee fosters participation in Texas CTE programs and enhances student’s knowledge of trade skills.

This committee’s goal is to augment the Show’s Information Systems Division in its effort to implement, enhance, and maintain processes and services for committees and the organization. It provides comprehensive logistical support, training and support resources for the Show. The committee also assists in the introduction of new technologies to help streamline business processes and save on hardware acquisition and system maintenance.

Committee members organize and conduct activities for international visitors during International Days, as well as furnish interpreters for guests. The committee members travel, at their own expense, to various livestock functions in several foreign countries, creating good will and establishing an international interest in Show activities.

The purpose of this committee is to allow younger members an opportunity to serve the community and be an important part of the Show’s contributions to agriculture, education, entertainment and Western heritage. Membership in the Jr. Rodeo Committee includes young people who are between the ages of 17 and 20. Members contribute to the Show’s continued success by serving on existing committees (through work assignments gathered, managed and coordinated by JRC) and mentored by current Show volunteers and adult members of JRC.

Members of this committee support the Intercollegiate Livestock, Intercollegiate Wool, Intercollegiate Meat, Agricultural Public Speaking, Agricultural Science Fair, Agriculture Product I.D., Ag Robotics, 4-H/FFA Dairy Judging, 4-H/FFA Floriculture, 4-H/FFA Food Challenge, 4-H & FFA Horse, 4-H/FFA Livestock Judging, 4-H/FFA Livestock Quiz Bowl, 4-H/FFA Meat Judging, 4-H/FFA Nursery Landscape, 4-H/FFA Poultry Judging, 4-H/FFA Range & Pasture Plant I.D., 4-H/FFA Veterinarian Science, 4-H/FFA Wildlife contests, and 4-H/FFA Wool. The committee supports these contests through fundraising, hospitality and awards, and assists the superintendents in the operations of the contests.

This committee organizes and conducts the commercial steer competition, including the coordination of all phases of the feeding records contest and the awards banquet.

The committee is responsible for pre-selling all ribbon-winning junior market lambs and goats at a floor price above current market prices. Lamb & Goat Auction Committee members also organize and conduct a pre-sale party and assist with the auction.

Members of the Legal Advisory Committee advise the officers and management in Show legal matters.

Composed of past Show officers, this committee works to further Show goals and purposes including attending Go Texan functions, serving as Louis M. Pearce Jr. Board Dining Room hosts and hosting the annual Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Scholarship Banquet. Additional duties are to conduct special studies for assigned projects and to make recommendations at the request of the Show president. This group also may serve as a source of advice and counsel.

This committee organizes and coordinates all phases of herdsmen’s awards, provides transportation and hospitality to official livestock show judges, assists in the judging arena, and helps with pedestrian and animal traffic control around the judging arenas.

This committee is responsible for conducting the llama and alpaca shows each year. Committee members also solicit premium money donations.

Members of this committee work closely with the Buildings & Grounds Department in maintaining all of the various locking systems of NRG Park buildings and grounds.

The Magazine Committee informs Rodeo membership and the general public about the Rodeo’s mission via a quarterly print and online publication, the Bowlegged H Magazine. The members work on every aspect of the magazine’s issues — conducting interviews, writing and editing articles, taking photographs and helping with the design and layout. The end result is a publication that promotes member engagement and pride of the Show.

This committee is responsible for providing medical care for Show guests and assisting in crowd control. Members also serve as a liaison between the Show and the Houston Fire Department, and assist in management and operation of various first aid stations and mobile units.

This committee promotes the Show through the sale of Show life memberships and new annual memberships to interested individuals. Committee members also staff the membership information booth and assist in the membership office.

The Midway Ticket Committee is a service committee that sells carnival tickets during the carnival’s operating hours. Our volunteers also staff the self-serve kiosk areas and ticket booths in effort to assist guests as needed. Our goal is to help ensure a positive experience for all of the guests in the carnival midway.

Committee members coordinate the exciting Mutton Bustin’ events in NRG Stadium and The Junction outdoor area.

This committee is responsible for organizing and positioning participants for the annual Downtown Rodeo Parade. They work closely with city officials, establish the parade route and provide parade marshals along the route.

This committee is responsible for securing purchase commitments from buyers, for all broilers and turkeys that earn a spot in the poultry auction, above the Show guarantee. Additionally, the committee sells poultry purchase orders, organizes the Poultry Auction Breakfast and assists with the Junior Market Poultry Auction.

This committee organizes and conducts the rabbit show, obtains trophy donors and sets up the Show facilities. Committee members also help with record keeping and the operation of the show, including receiving and cooping rabbits and assisting the judge.

Members of this committee plan and execute the Ranching & Wildlife Expo, which includes a trade show and educational seminars relating to the ranching and wildlife industries. Members also host the Ranching & Wildlife Auction, with auction lots primarily consisting of hunting, fishing and bird-watching trips, wildlife equipment, and wildlife artwork. This committee also hosts two youth competitions — Young Guns Clay Shoot and the 4-H and FFA Poster Board Contest.

The Recycling Committee handles the Show’s extensive recycling program. Committee members recycle cardboard, plastic and aluminum, resulting in thousands of pounds of recycled products, keeping these items out of landfills.

This committee is responsible for greeting Rodeo contestants and monitoring the contestant gate. Additionally, the committee assists the contestants with stalling their animals and parking their trailers.

This committee assists in the smooth flow of bus and light rail traffic at NRG Park and at off-site parking locations. Committee members monitor and direct bus traffic and guide passengers to their appropriate buses.

Members promote and raise awareness of the Show through the sale and distribution of merchandise bearing the Show’s logos, and the sale of each entertainer’s concert merchandise. Our volunteers staff the Show merchandise booths during the preseason and during the event’s entire run.

Members of this committee work closely with the Buildings and Grounds Department in the setup, operation and teardown of NRG Park buildings and grounds.

The Rodeo Run Committee is responsible for the planning and execution of the annual Rodeo Run, which includes a wheelchair, 5k and 10k race. Volunteers conduct participant registration, race course logistics and host the Post Race Party.

The RODEOHOUSTON Sports Medicine Committee consists of a team of specialized medical professionals responsible for the treatment, health and well-being of RODEOHOUSTON athletes.

Members of the Scholarship Administration Committee assist in activities necessary to efficiently facilitate the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo scholarship application process. Duties include assistance in scholarship judging; providing support at the annual scholarship banquet, Scholar Night at the Rodeo, and other alumni and scholar events; as well as corresponding with scholars and additional administrative tasks.

This committee coordinates and supervises the School Art Program, stimulating interest in Western art and in Show activities through artistic competition by area students. Members organize judging, set up the Hayloft Gallery for display of winning entries and conduct the awards program for participating students.

This committee is responsible for pre-selling winning student artwork. They also are responsible for the School Art Auction, distribution of grand champion prints to pre-sale buyers, and planning and conducting the buyer and pre-auction parties.

This committee is responsible for greeting and working with breeding sheep, dairy goat and market goat exhibitors during each year’s Show, and assisting the superintendents in the judging rings to coordinate individual class competition.

This committee is responsible for selling all advertising space in the RODEOHOUSTON® Souvenir Program. Members also obtain donations that directly support the Show’s educational programs. They supervise and assist FFA and 4-H members who sell the programs to the public as well.

This committee is responsible for contacting business groups, service clubs, area schools and other interested organizations to offer speaker services to their members to promote interest in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and share information regarding agriculture, education, entertainment, and Western heritage. The committee also hosts Rookie Boot Camp annually, providing information on the history, purpose and different aspects of the Show for new volunteers.

This committee supports the setup and operation of attractions such as Fun on the Farm and The Junction Stage, as well as hosting the annual quilt competition and display. They are an important liaison between vendors, staff and the general public during Show operation.

This committee is responsible for interviewing social service agencies and schools so that physically/developmentally challenged children and adults can attend the Show. This committee also is responsible for conducting the Lil’ Rustlers Rodeo event and the Top Hands Horse Show.

This committee is responsible for pre-selling all winning steers at a floor price above current market prices. Members also organize and conduct the Hide Party honoring the previous year’s champion buyers and the pre-sale breakfast for prospective buyers. They also assist with the junior market steer auction.

This committee is responsible for collecting purchase commitments for Junior Market Barrow Show exhibitors who make the auction. Swine Auction Committee members plan and conduct a pre-sale party honoring the previous year’s champion buyers and the pre-auction day breakfast for prospective buyers. Along with this, committee members also assist with the Junior Market Barrow Show and Auction.

This education-based committee offers tours for groups visiting the Show, including international guests, school children, corporations and dignitaries. The Tours Committee educates children and adults alike on the importance of the role of agriculture in Texas’s economy through the AGVENTURE tours. Committee members guide tours in NRG Arena, NRG Center, and the outdoor areas like The Junction and the carnival, as well as give directions and assistance to field trip groups attending the Show.

This group is responsible for communicating with the trail rides that travel into Houston for the Downtown Rodeo Parade. Committee members coordinate with trail ride bosses concerning rules, regulations and proposed events, and work with the Houston Parks and Recreation Department in the positioning of the trail rides in Memorial Park.

The Trailblazer Committee supports the mission of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo by promoting education and literacy through the Rodeo ROPES (Reading Opens the Path to Education Success) and SPURS (Students Pursuing Unlimited Reading and Writing Success) programs. Rodeo ROPES collects and donates books to elementary children and provides lending libraries throughout the Rodeo grounds; the SPURS program organizes a writing competition and leads Rodeo Read Along, a daily story time on the grounds. Additionally, the committee hosts an Annual Trailblazer Awards Luncheon and Fashion Show to celebrate outstanding female Rodeo volunteers who demonstrate a commitment to education, Western heritage and the community.

The Transportation Committee serves the Show by handling the transportation needs of Show patrons and guests within the grounds of NRG Park The committee provides transportation services utilizing carts, automobiles and trams. It also handles special transportation accommodations for special guests of the Show. The committee duties include daytime and late night shifts.

This committee is responsible for working with the residue avoidance program, designed to ensure quality meat products and drug-free animal entries.

The efforts of this committee are focused on bringing important memorabilia and Western art, including monumental bronzes, to Show offices and facilities. Additionally, the committee archives Show history, along with Western art, for display during the annual event.

Wine Competition Committee members are responsible for the planning and execution of the Rodeo Uncorked! International Wine Competition.

This committee is responsible for planning and executing all Rodeo Uncorked! events, including the Roundup & Best Bites Competition, the Champion Wine Auction & Dinner, wine appreciation dinners, and packaging and distributing Rodeo Uncorked! Collector’s Cases. Additionally, this committee supports all of the wine committees’ marketing and public relations needs.

Wine Garden Committee members host and manage the operation of the Wine Garden during the run of the Show.

This committee is responsible for selling all Rodeo Uncorked! events, including collecting purchase commitments for the Champion Wine Auction & Dinner, selling tables and tickets to the Roundup & Best Bites Competition, and selling Rodeo Uncorked! Collector’s Cases. Members of this committee are also responsible for organizing the Club of Champions Buyers Dinner and Friends of Rodeo Uncorked! event, as well as assisting members of the Wine Events Committee to orchestrate the Rodeo Uncorked! events.

Members of the Winery Relations Committee coordinate all activities related to the wineries. This committee leads the effort to gather entries and facilitates the judging for the International Wine Competition, and prepares wine for the Roundup and Best Bites Competition and Champion Wine Auction.

This committee organizes, promotes and conducts the World’s Championship Bar-B-Que Contest. Their duties include team relations, meat judging, food service to the public and publicity.

How to Volunteer


Become a Rodeo Member


Sign in to your
online account


Click on the Committee Request Application at the top of the member site


View the available committees from a dropdown field on the application


Select desired committee


Complete and send the Committee Request Application

Acceptance to a committee is not guaranteed and is subject to availability. Must be 21 years of age or older (except for the Junior Rodeo Committee).