Accessibility Guide

We welcome you to NRG Park and invite you to enjoy one of the premier sports and entertainment venues in America. We have made it a top priority to accommodate the needs of our guests with disabilities. It is our belief that the needs of our guests with disabilities should simply be an extension of the same courtesies that we tender to all guests and employees.

In planning for the Rodeo, we have worked with the following experts and local officials to ensure we are continually meeting all ADA guidelines and requirements:

    • Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation
    • ASM Global- Venue Manager for NRG Park
    • Department of Justice
    • Aramark, Sports and Entertainment
    • HLSR Vendors, Commercial Exhibitors and Contractors

Over the past year, we have made several modifications and enhanced many areas of accessibility at NRG Park including parking, pathways and walkways, security screening, restrooms, food and beverage locations and seating. We are continually dedicated to ensuring that all activities and programs are accessible by people with disabilities.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and ASM Global have jointly developed the following information, policies, and procedures to ensure that the facilities, services, and accommodations at NRG Park are accessible and available to every guest.

We take pride in serving all our guests and hope you will enjoy your visit.

For questions regarding special accommodations at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, email [email protected].

For assistance during the Show, please call 832.667.1000. 


Parking spaces for ADA guests are available and located in all NRG Park lots with a valid state-issued license plate or placard on a first-come, first-served basis. If you encounter any challenges with parking on the actual event date, please call 832.667.1000.

The primary ADA drop-off and pick-up location is Gate 9. Alternate ADA drop-off and pick-up locations are Gate 10 off Kirby and Gate 2 off Fannin.



Accessible Seating, designated for guests with disabilities who use wheelchairs, other mobility devices, or otherwise require the use of the features of accessible seating (e.g., a guest with a service animal that requires the additional space offered by accessible seating), is available on all levels for all events held at NRG Stadium.  ADA seating tickets are first-come, first-served and up to (1) companion ticket for every (1) accessible ticket is available for purchase. Seat relocations may also be available on event day. If a guest needs assistance with ADA relocation, please visit the Guest Services booth on the level that your tickets are on and tickets will be exchanged for ADA seating on a first-come, first-served basis: up to (1) companion ticket for every (1) accessible ticket based on availability.

Accessible seating will be available until such seats are sold out. Limited additional companion seating will be held until the day of the event or until seating is sold out, whichever is sooner. 


All seats in NRG Stadium meet ADA requirements for theDeaf and hard of hearing and have a view of reader boards in the SE and NW corner of the stadium that provide a description of all action, as well as the song lyrics during the concert (when possible). Visual information is provided by various displays in the stadium bowl and includes scores, times for the timed events, and contestant statistics. The Rodeo installs eight video screens in the center of NRG Stadium, freeing up the large end zone boards for additional graphic displays.

Real-time captioning of announcer’s spoken words and song lyrics during concerts will be available throughout the run of the Show at

  • Open captioning is displayed on the ribbon boards on the SE and NW corner in NRG Stadium.  

Assisted Listening Devices: Complimentary assisted listening devices (ALDs) are available at all Guest Services booths at NRG Stadium. A government ID is required to check out a device and will be returned to you when the device is returned.

Hearing amplification devices are available and complementary inside the Center and Arena with one week notice.

American Sign Language Interpreters: We will livestream sign language interpreter services every night of RODEOHOUSTON which includes all RODEOHOUSTON events and performances in NRG Stadium. Livestream is available through a protected link streamed straight to your smart device. For questions and access regarding the livestream, please contact [email protected] or go to the nearest Guest Services booth the night of the Show. 

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 Service animals, or those in training, for guests with disabilities, are permitted at all NRG Park facilities. Please see a security team member if any accommodations are required.

    • Due to tight seating arrangements and means of egress issues for large numbers of guests, The Rodeo reserves the right to relocate guests with service animals to the closest accessible seating area.
    • Emotional support animals are not permitted.

We strongly urge guests who plan to bring a service animal to an NRG Park event to contact guest services prior to your visit at 832.667.1400.

Aira access is available at NRG Park. This service improves accessibility for blind and low-vision guests by using a combination of artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Guests must download the Aria app to access this service.

Play-by-play descriptions of Rodeo events during select RODEOHOUSTON performances are provided on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, March 5
  • Friday, March 8
  • Monday, March 11

Please visit the nearest Guest Services booth at Section 113 or Section 133 for a device. 


NRG Stadium: Each gate at NRG Stadium is equipped with elevators providing service to all levels of the facility. Club Seat Members and Suite Holders are welcome to use the elevators in either the East Club Lobby or West Club Lobby.

NRG Center: There are (8) elevators located throughout NRG Center.

NRG Arena: There are two platform lifts located at Section 102 and Section 104 staffed by the Safety Committee.


NRG Stadium: Escalators are available at all four gates: Kroger, Ford, Amegy Bank and Xfinity. For Club and Suite access, there are escalators available on the East and West Club entrances. Only Club Seat and Suite Holders may utilize the escalators in the East and West Club.

NRG Center: Escalators are available in front of Exhibit Halls A, C, D and E.


Family restrooms are designed for the exclusive use of guests with disabilities and guests with small children. All family restrooms are accessible and equipped with baby changing tables.

NRG Stadium:
Level 100: 101, 112, 113, 117, 120, 121, 132, 133, 136, 140
Level 300: 303, 316, 322, 325, 331, 344, 350, 353
Level 500/600: 504, 508, 511, 518, 524, 530, 534, 538, 544, 550
NRG Center: Inside halls A, B, C, D and E lobbies  


For assistance during the Rodeo, please visit any of the Guest Service booths inside NRG Stadium.

    • Guest Services can assist with lost and found, lost children, ticket issues, comments and complaints, stadium directions and general information. 
    • Guest Services booths are located in sections 113, 133, 319, 346, 517 and 543.
    • Directions and Assistance Committeemen (in teal vests) are located on the 100 and 500 levels, and can also help with general information and stadium directions.

The Directions and Assistance Committee is located inside Room 102 of NRG Center and in the concourse area of level 1. They can offer assistance with lost and found, lost children and general information.


NRG Park signage identifying restrooms and other areas is shown in both conventional lettering and numbering, and in braille for individuals with visual impairments, all at the appropriate height.


Family Rooms offer privacy and a quiet atmosphere.

The facilities are located in the first floor lobby of NRG Center (on the east end) and inside Hall E of NRG Center (near the restrooms). Family Rooms are also located outside, in between NRG Stadium and NRG Astrodome, as well as a location at the exit of Fun on the Farm.

There are two locations inside NRG Stadium: One behind the Guest Services booth in section 133 on the field level concourse and one across from the Guest Services booth in section 133.

Baby changing tables are located in all restrooms in NRG Arena, NRG Center and NRG Stadium.

Breast pumps, baby formula, small cooler for milk and other nursing mother equipment is permitted inside of NRG Park. All equipment must be checked during the security screening process.


METROHouston and METRORail operate various routes near and around NRG Park. Both are a viable transportation option for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. For guests with disabilities, METRO offers 100% accessibility and also provides paratransit via METROLift. For more information about these services, please call: (713)-225-0119.

To learn more, click here.


All rideshare drop-off and pick-up is located in the Yellow Lot.


NRG Stadium has partnered with Kulture City to ensure all stadium events are sensory inclusive. This initiative promotes an accommodating and positive experience for all guests and fans with a sensory issue.

Sensory kits are equipped with noise canceling headphones, fidget tools, verbal cue cards and weighted lap pads, and are available to all guests who may feel overwhelmed by the environment.

Sensory kits are located at Guest Service booths at sections 113, 133, 319, 346, 517 and 543.

NRG Stadium also offers a sensory friendly room available to guests with sensory processing needs located at Section 133 across from the Guest Services booth. The room provides an inclusive and comfortable space including dim lighting, a textured wall and weighted lap pads. Please visit the Guest Services booth at section 133 for access into the room. 


Wheelchairs and mobility scooters are available to rent during the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. These devices may be rented ahead of time online, or on the grounds during Show. A form of ID will be held as collateral for the device.

Booth Locations

  • At the ticketed entrance near Holly Hall Street
  • Southeast corner NRG Stadium (across from Amegy Bank Gate)

Booth hours

  • Daily: 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

NRG Park also provides complimentary wheelchair service for guests attending the Rodeo inside NRG Stadium. Wheelchair attendants are located at each gate of NRG Stadium and can transport guests from the gate to the guest’s ticketed seat and back to any of the NRG Stadium gates following the conclusion of the concert. To provide a faster response time, guests cannot keep the wheelchair throughout the event. NRG Park wheelchairs are not allowed to exit past any of NRG Stadium’s black gates or into the carnival grounds at any time.

Please notify a nearby supervisor for wheelchair assistance or text us at 832.241.0202 once Stadium gates are open for wheelchair assistance.

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To gain access to NRG Park grounds, please enter through one of the nine main entrances. All main entrance gates are readily accessible using wheeled equipment.