Super Series IV Champions

by | Mar 8, 2019 | RODEOHOUSTON

RODEOHOUSTON® Super Series IV Winners Advance to the Semifinals

RODEOHOUSTON Super Series IV concluded Friday, March 8, with 28 athletes advancing to the Semifinals.



Ryan Jarrett ended his Super Series with a time of 9.3 in the final round. Jarrett said he worked around challenges from the calves to secure his spot in the Semifinals.


“The calves are a little bigger this year and are making things a little more challenging for the calf ropers,” Jarrett said.

Advancing to Semifinal Round:

  • Ryan Jarrett: Comanche, Oklahoma — $5,000
  • Randall Carlisle: Athens, Louisiana — $4,000
  • Shane Hanchey: Sulphur, Louisiana — $3,750
  • Michael Otero: Weatherford, Texas — $2,750



With three solid scores in Super Series IV, Kaycee Feild advances to the RODEOHOUSTON Semifinals in Bareback Riding.

“I love this rodeo.” Feild said. “It feels really good to be here.”

Advancing to Semifinal Round:

  • Kaycee Feild: Genola, Utah — $5,500
  • Bill Tutor: Huntsville, Texas — $4,000
  • Cody Kiser: Carson City, Nevada — $3,375
  • Tilden Hooper: Fort Worth, Texas — $2,500



A fast run in round three of Super Series IV helped team ropers Ty Blasingame and Kyle Lockett advance to the RODEOHOUSTON Semifinals. Blasingame said he is feeling great after the run.


“I feel awesome,” Blasingame said. “This rodeo is amazing. The committee is amazing. Rodeos like Houston — they can change your life.”

Advancing to Semifinal Round:

  • Ty Blasingame: Casper, Wyoming; and Kyle Lockett: Visalia, California — $8,500
  • Brenten Hall: Stephenville, Texas; and Chase Tryan: Helena, Montana — $8,000
  • Luke Brown: Morgan Mill, Texas; and Paul Eaves: Millsap, Texas — $6,000
  • Chad Masters: Cedar Hill, Tennessee; and Joseph Harrison: Overbrook, Oklahoma — $5,500



Rusty Wright advances to the Semifinals with an exciting ride in round three of Super Series IV. Tonight, the bronc, Xecutive News, reared up and leaped out of the chute, but Wright said he was not worried.


“I have seen actually [the bronc] three times this month, and he has reared out like that every time,” Wright said. “So, when I got on him, I knew he was going to do it. All I was thinking was hold your feet and get a good mark out.”

Advancing to Semifinal Round:

  • Rusty Wright: Milford, Utah — $6,000
  • Jacobs Crawley: Boerne, Texas — $3,750
  • Cody Demoss: Heflin, Louisiana — $3,125
  • Lefty Holman: Visalia, California — $3,000



RODEOHOUSTON veteran Tyler Waguespack did not disappoint in the Super Series IV championship round. The reigning world champion steer wrestler rose to the top of the Super Series with three consistent runs.


“It is incredible to be here,” Waguespack said. “Everyone wants a honey-hole, and I am glad mine is at RODEOHOUSTON.”

Advancing to Semifinal Round:

  • Tyler Waguespack: Gonzales, Louisiana — $7,000
  • Scott Guenthner: Provost, Alberta, Canada — $4,000
  • Matt Reeves: Cross Plains, Texas — $3,000
  • Ty Erickson: Helena, Montana — $3,000



Barrel racer Lisa Lockhart took the lead in Super Series IV and advances to the RODEOHOUSTON Semifinals. She said she took a chance tonight, riding a different horse than her past two rides.


“You have to have faith in what you have done, the hard work you have put in, and just take the chance.” Lockhart said.

Advancing to Semifinal Round:

  • Lisa Lockhart: Oelrichs, South Dakota — $6,000
  • Carley Cervi: Pampa, Texas — $4,875
  • Hailey Kinsel: Cotulla, Texas — $4,000
  • Tammy Fischer: Ledbetter, Texas — $2,750



Chase Dougherty was cool as a cucumber during Super Series IV as he rode his way into a Semifinal spot. His mentality going into the Semifinals is to relax and do his best.


“I just try to stay on my bull for eight seconds and stick to the basics,” Dougherty said.

Advancing to Semifinal Round:

  • Chase Dougherty: Prineville, Oregon — $6,000
  • Cody Teel: Bryan, Texas — $4,000
  • Dustin Boquet: Borg, Louisiana — $3,000
  • Josh Frost: Randlett, Utah — $2,000


The top four from each event, from each Super Series will advance to a Semifinal Round. The top four from each event in the Semifinal rounds will advance to the RODEOHOUSTON Super Series Championship, Saturday, March 16. The remaining six from each event in the two semifinals will compete in the Wild Card Round, Friday, March 15, where the top two from each event will advance to the Championship. Each event champion will walk away with a $50,000 payout, in addition to previous winnings. RODEOHOUSTON includes the RODEOHOUSTON Super Shootout: North America’s Champions® presented by Crown Royal, on Saturday, March 9.

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