RODEOHOUSTON held the Super Series Semifinal 1 Round on Wednesday, March 13, for athletes to qualify for the Super Series Championship at NRG Stadium.



Jesse Clark secured a spot in the Super Series Championship after his time of 8.8 seconds withstood the seven contestants riding behind him.


“Well I did not know with all the guys going after me [if I would get the win]. It is pretty stressful to sit over there and wait and hope that you get to go back on Saturday,” Clark said.

Advancing to Championship Round:

  • Jessie Clark: Clovis, New Mexico — $9,000
  • Cimarron Boardman: Stephenville, Texas — $5,875
  • Michael Otero: Weatherford, Texas — $4,250
  • Timber Moore: Aubrey, Texas — $3,750



In the Bareback Riding, Clayton Biglow marked a huge 91 points to guarantee his advancement.


“I just take it one jump at a time,” Biglow said. “The last three years I’ve had to go to the Super Series Wild Card Round, so this feels great.”

Advancing to Championship Round:

  • Clayton Biglow: Clements, California — $3,874
  • Seth Hardwick: Ranchester, Wyoming — $6,000
  • Richie Champion: Dublin, Texas — $4,375
  • Logan Patterson: Kim, Colorado — $6,375



Bubba Buckaloo and Hunter Koch led the pack in the Team Roping with a 5.1 second run to win Semifinals 1.


“I felt like I was little bit late and reached a coil at him, but Hunter heeled him really fast,” Buckaloo said.

Advancing to Championship Round:

  • Bubba Buckaloo: Kingston, Oklahoma; and Hunter Koch: Vernon, Texas — $13,500
  • Cody Snow: Stephenville, Texas; and Wesley Thorp: Stephenville, Texas — $13,000
  • Ty Blasingame: Casper, Wyoming; and Kyle Lockett: Visalia, California — $11,500
  • Rhen Richard: Roosevelt, Utah; and Quinn Kesler: Holden, Utah — $7,000



Jesse Wright broke the tie to advance to the Saddle Bronc Riding Super Series Championship on Saturday. Wright said he was not worried about the outcome because he felt confident in his ride.


“I was not too nervous,” Wright said. “I was the fourth guy out, there was only three guys left and I figured I was going to make it back no matter what.”

Advancing to Championship Round:

  • Jesse Wright: Milford, Utah — $8,000
  • Lefty Holman: Visalia, California — $5,500
  • Rusty Wright: Milford, Utah — $6,583
  • Dawson Hay: Wildwood, Alberta, Canada — $4,583



Matt Reeves clinched a spot in the Super Series Steer Wrestling Championship with a time of 4.1 seconds.


Reeves said his mindset going into the Championship is checking all the boxes and having a good round overall.


“Try to hit the barrier the first time, make a great run, get back and then let it all hang out,” Reeves said.

Advancing to Championship Round:

  • Matt Reeves: Cross Plains, Texas — $6,000
  • Josh Garner: Live Oak, California — $7,000
  • Kyle Irwin: Westville, Florida — $4,875
  • Blake Knowles: Heppner, Oregon — $4,875



Kaylee Gallino set the pace with a flawless run of 14.32 seconds at her first RODEOHOUSTON Semifinals.


“It was a little scary at first,” Gallino said. “He really wanted to get in there, but I guess it worked.”

Advancing to Championship Round:

  • Kaylee Gallino: Wasta, South Dakota — $9,000
  • Tracy Nowlin: Nowata, Oklahoma — $7,000
  • Nellie Williams-Miller: Cottonwood, California — $6,000
  • Stevi Hillman: Weatherford, Texas — $6,750



On his fourth bull at the 2019 RODEOHOUSTON, Dylan Vick scored a 90 to advance to the Super Series Championship in Bull Riding.


Vick said entering the Championship means it is time to go back to the basics and keep it simple.


“The mindset for me is just basics, not get too far ahead of myself,” Vick said. “I tend to do that sometimes — overthink and come up with game plans. I think the best game plan I have ever come up with is just try hard and that is what I am going to do.”

Advancing to Championship Round:

  • Dylan Vick: Escalon, California — $8,000
  • Parker Breding: Edgar, Montana — $6,000
  • Stetson Wright: Beaver, Utah — $6,000
  • Lon Danley: Tularosa, New Mexico — $5,250

The top four from each event in the Semifinal rounds will advance to the RODEOHOUSTON Super Series Championship, Saturday, March

16. The remaining six from each event in the two Semifinals will compete in the Wild Card Round, Friday, March 15, where the top two from each event will advance to the Championship. Each event champion will walk away with a $50,000 payout, in addition to previous winnings. The RODEOHOUSTON Super Series includes the RODEOHOUSTON Super Shootout: North America’s Champions® presented by Crown Royal, on Saturday, March 9.