RODEOHOUSTON® concluded Super Series IV Saturday afternoon. The event consisted of two new arena records from team ropers Jake Smith and Douglas Rich and breakaway roper Macy Young.

Finishing in 8.9 seconds for round three, tie-down roper Ty Harris started the night off on a high note. Not believing in luck, Harris said, “I could definitely tell if I haven’t been practicing hard enough or staying focused and disciplined enough. I don’t win as much. A lot goes into it all year round.”

“Since I was five years old, I’ve worked at it physically, but it takes so much mental work, too, to be confident to beat the best guys in the world. You only get nine seconds to do your job and there’s no do-overs,” Harris added.

For the second competition of the afternoon, Cooper Cooke took the top spot with a 79.5 score in the bareback riding competition.

“[I] stay as calm as I can. [I] don’t get worked up at all,” Cooke said about his mentality before his competition began.

Chad Masters and Wyatt Cox scored a 5.4-second rope and led the overall scoreboard. The two have been roping partners for the past nine years. “We all get to rope together a lot. It takes a minute to get a good partnership going. We’ve been good friends for a long time,” Masters said of his partner, Cox.

“I’m 43 [years old] now, and I still get nervous. You just want to do so good, especially at a big rodeo like this. I’m pretty laid back. I’m getting better,” Masters said.

Jake Smith and Douglas Rich broke an arena record with a 4.7-second rope, coming in second place and advancing to the semifinals.

Saddle bronc rider Houston Brown scored 83 points and advanced to first in his competition. Brown talked about his passion and diligence for his sport saying, “You know, [there’s] a lot of work and effort people don’t see behind the cameras. It’s a lot of working out and staying in shape and keeping that muscle memory.”

Brown added, “Saddle bronc riding, it’s, in my opinion, one of the best events. It’s fun to watch. For people that don’t know rodeo, it’s a classy-looking event. I’ve done most of the events, and I can say it’s probably the most fun.”

Steer wrestler Cash Robb, who has been competing professionally for two years, took down his steer in 4.4 seconds. Robb placed first, rounding out the championship after sharing fourth during round two and landing in sixth for round one.

“I’ve done it [rodeo] a million times. It’s something you’ve done over and over again. Just go do you know how to do…You’ve got to stay in it and focus on it all the time,” Robb said on how he stays in the correct mindset during a competition.  

Barrel Racer Shelly Morgan and her 13-year-old horse, Kiss, completed their race within 14.7 seconds.  RODEOHOUSTON is not new to Morgan as she has competed at the NRG Stadium for six years.

“I started riding when I was little bitty. As soon as I could stand up,” Morgan said. “I just try to get by myself and focus on what I need to do. I don’t need to do a whole lot. My horse, she’s pretty easy, but just leave her alone and get her to her spots.”   

To those with aspirations to become rodeo athletes, Morgan said, “It’s hard work, so be willing to put in the hard work. If you really want to do it, stay after it until you get it.” 

During her second appearance at Houston, breakaway roper Macy Young and her horse, Boomer, broke an arena record with a 2.2-second rope. Surprised at her performance, Young said she was not aware it was possible to take 2 seconds to set up for her competition.

“Oh, boy. I thought I broke the barrier honestly. I thought ‘I am on top of this sucker.’ I can’t even believe it. It is not a two-second set-up here at all,” Young said.

Young emphasized the importance of staying persistent saying, “No matter how hard it’s going, or you think it’s going terrible, keep going and your luck will change. I’m going through that right now.” 

During the bull riding competition, only two out of the eight competitors stayed on their bulls for the required 8 seconds.

Bull Rider Tyler Bingham, winner of the Super Series IV championship with an 85.8 score, has some tips for anyone who plans to be part of the bull riding industry. 

“Just keep going to bull riding schools. Find the best instructor you can, and don’t be afraid to spend money to learn from the best,” Bingham said.

With just one more super series left for RODEOHOUSTON, the advancing athletes will start the semifinals competition Wednesday, March 13, at 6:45 p.m.

2024 Super Series IV Championship Advancers (Winnings to Date)

  • Tie-Down Roping
    • Ty Harris, $5,000
    • Riley Pruitt, $4,375
    • Bryce Derrer, $4,000
    • Marcos Costa, $3,375
  • Bareback Riding
    • Cooper Cooke, $5,500
    • Donny Proffit, $4,500
    • Caleb Bennett, $4,250
    • Clay Jorgenson, $3,750
  • Team Roping
    • Chad Masters & Wyatt Cox, $14,000
    • Jake Smith & Douglas Rich, $10,500
    • Cole Thomas & Matt Schieck, $7,000
    • Jessee Boos & Jace Steenhoek, $5,000
  • Saddle Bronc Riding
    • Houston Brown, $4,500
    • Ben Anderson, $4,250
    • Q Taylor, $4,000
    • Spencer Wright, $3,500
  • Steer Wrestling
    • Cash Robb, $3,875
    • Jacob Talley, $3,750
    • Tucker Allen, $3,500
    • Blake Knowles, $3,500
  • Barrel Racing
    • Shelley Morgan, $7,000
    • Sissy Winn, $6,000
    • Halyn Lide, $4,875
    • Rachelle Riggers, $1,500
  • Breakaway Roping
    • Macy Young, $9,000
    • Willow Wilson, $3,000
    • Tiffany Schieck, $3,000
    • Sawyer Gilbert, $2,750
  • Bull Riding
    • Tyler Bingham, $6,000
    • Braden Richardson, $3,000
    • Trey Kimzey, $3,000
    • Jace Trosclair, $2,000

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