RODEOHOUSTON Super Series V is officially underway, and the daysheet is out for Round 1. Check out the top three headlines of the Series.

  1. Missing Piece
    Athletes: Kaleb Driggers & Junior Nogueira 
    Kaleb and Junior have five world titles between them, but neither has reached the pinnacle at RODEOHOUSTON. With a tough field in SS5, the road to claim that victory will be difficult, but these two will be ready for the task.
  2. Breaking Records
    Athletes: Sage Newman
    Sage has gone back-to-back the last two years, repeating the feat accomplished by Cody DeMoss in 2017-2018. If he were to repeat for a third time, he would be the only cowboy to three-peat in this event.
  3. Legendary Levels
    Athlete: Jackie Crawford
    Jackie Crawford has broken almost every record in the WRA. With 23 world titles and a historic career, becoming the third Breakaway Champion at RODEOHOUSTON would be icing on the cake for this legend of a lady.

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