RODEOHOUSTON Super Series III is officially underway, and the daysheet is out for Round 3. Check out the top three headlines of the Series.

    Athlete: Clint Laye
    Slint won in 2018 and has a chance to be the first cowboy to sweep his Super Series by winning every round. Tonight, we find out if he can do it on his way to advancing.
  2. New Teammates
    Athletes: Levi Lord and Dustin Egusquiza
    Levi won the Rodeo in 2017 with Zac Small. This year, he is teamed up with fellow NFR competitor, Dustin. They have won some money, but need a little more in the quest for another RODEOHOUSTON Championship. 
  3. Close Calls
    Athlete: Sara Winkelman
    Sara is number one in the WPRA World Standings, but is vulnerable to being eliminated if she doesn’t win money tonight. The race continues for her in the last shot she has to keep moving forward in Houston.

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