RODEOHOUSTON Super Series III is officially underway, and the daysheet is out for Round 2. Check out the top three headlines of the Series.

  1. One Away
    Athlete: Cory Solomon
    Cory has a resume that includes $2M in earnings, 10 trips to the NFR and wins at nearly every major event in the sport – except here. With local fans and family watching, he hopes to move on and change that in 2024.
    Athlete: Zeke Thurston
    Zeke has a great chance to comeback after a no score in Round 1. He has drawn an NFR horse named Xena Warrior that they typically score in the high 80’s when they make it to the whistle.
  3. Rookie Roundup
    Athlete: Stran Smith
    Stran snuck up on the competition in Round 1 with an 85.5. His Round 2 bull, Wildside, is one that has bucked him off before, so his shot at revenge could gain him more ground toward advancement.

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