RODEOHOUSTON Super Series III is officially underway, and the daysheet is out for Round 1. Check out the top three headlines of the Series.

  1. Seeing Double
    Athletes: Jess Pope & Leighton BerryThis event features a double title defense in Super Series III. Jess won RODEOHOUSTON in 2022 and Leighton won it last year. These two must make room for themselves to move on to add to their championship totals.
  2. Veteran, Coach & Competitor
    Athlete: Stockton Graves
    Stockton Graves won RODEOHOUSTON in 2011 but remains very much in the conversation at 45 years old. The veteran, who is also a college rodeo coach, will try to double up taking on both competitors and recruits.
  3. Rookie Roundup
    Athlete: Kendal Pierson
    Kendal is visiting from north of the border for more than better weather. The two-time Canadian Champion in Breakaway Roping is looking for RODEOHOUSTON to boost her winter winnings before heading back home. Her sister is also the trick rider who carries the American flag in our opening ceremonies.

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