Riders Advance Among Fierce Competition in RODEOHOUSTON® Super Series V Championship Round

by | Mar 13, 2018 | RODEOHOUSTON

After a thrilling Super Series V, 28 cowboys and cowgirls advanced to the Semifinals set for March 14 and 15.



Marcos Costa of Childress, Texas, advanced to a RODEOHOUSTON Super Series Semifinal Round in Tie-Down Roping after winning Super Series V. Costa said he is very blessed to have this opportunity to compete in Houston.


“It’s a chance that God gives you,” Costa said. “Houston means all the best cowboys. Winning against the best is a good feeling. When you compete in Houston, all the world shows up to watch.”

Advancing to a Semifinal Round:

  • Marcos Costa: Childress, Texas — $5,000
  • Shane Hanchey: Sulphur, Louisiana — $4,000
  • Reese Riemer: Stinnett, Texas — $3,750
  • Ryle Smith: Comanche, Texas — $2,000



Seth Hardwick of Ranchester, Wyoming, won the Super Series V Bareback Riding event. Hardwick said that the Rodeo is not about beating other people, it is more about the cowboy and the horse.


“You’re up against your best friends and you want to do your best, but it’s not us against each other, it’s us against ourselves,” Hardwick said.

Advancing to a Semifinal Round:

  • Seth Hardwick: Ranchester, Wyoming — $4,000
  • Bill Tutor: Huntsville, Texas — $4,000
  • Orin Larsen: Inglis, Manitoba, Canada — $3,000
  • Buck Lunak: Florence, Montana — $3,000



Aaron Tsinigine and Kyle Lockett won the Team Roping in Super Series V. Lockett said that practice helps when you’re getting up after a fall.


“It’s part of the cowboy way of life,” Lockett said. “Houston’s just like cowboys: They get together and help people in need. That’s what Rodeo’s all about.”

Advancing to a Semifinal Round:

  • Aaron Tsinigine: Tuba City, Arizona, and Kyle Lockett: Visalia, California — $14,000
  • Clay Smith: Bowie, Texas, and Paul Eaves: Millsap, Texas — $11,000
  • Levi Simpson: Ponoka, Alberta, Canada, and Jeremy Buhler: Arrowwood, Alberta, Canada — $5,000
  • Garrett Rogers: Baker City, Oregon, and Russell Cardoza: Terrebonne, Oregon — $5,000



With three solid rides in Super Series V, Cort Scheer of Elsmere, Nebraska, advanced to a Semifinal round. Scheer said he loves the Houston atmosphere and that RODEOHOUSTON has great fans.


“Winning for the second time would blow my mind,” Scheer said. “Not many people get to do that.”

Advancing to a Semifinal Round:

  • Cort Scheer: Elsmere, Nebraska — $7,500
  • Wade Sundell: Coleman, Oklahoma — $4,000
  • Allen Boore: Axtell, Utah — $4,000
  • Wyatt Casper: Pampa, Texas — $2,250



Kyle Irwin of Westville, Florida, won Steer Wrestling in Super Series V, solidifying his spot in the RODEOHOUSTON Semifinals. Irwin said that the Rodeo and NRG Stadium is a crazy electric atmosphere to be in when he competes.


“There are five brains out there, mine and the hazer [and the horses] are on the same page,” Irwin said. “The steer doesn’t want no part of the plan, you’re going 15 to 25, maybe 30 miles an hour and you’ve got to have grace about it. No mistakes, or it hurts.”

Advancing to a Semifinal Round:

  • Kyle Irwin: Westville, Florida — $8,000
  • Tyler Pearson: Louisville, Mississippi — $4,750
  • Will Lummus: West Point, Mississippi — $2,750
  • Riley Duvall: Checotah, Oklahoma — $2,000



Super Series V Barrel Racing Champion Fallon Taylor advanced to a RODEOHOUSTON Semifinal Round after three fast runs. Taylor said she dresses in a unique manner when competing to represent her fans, who love her unlikely competition horse, Babyflo.


“I represent Flo fans, my Flomies, the underdogs of flair,” Taylor said. “They stand against cyberbullying in the Flomie movement, and Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo fans are second to none with their flair.”

Advancing to Semifinal Round:

  • Fallon Taylor: Collinsville, Texas — $7,000
  • Nellie Williams-Miller: Cottonwood, California — $5,750
  • Lisa Lockhart: Oelrichs, South Dakota — $4,000
  • Cayla Small: Welch, Okalhoma — $1,000



Parker Breding won Bull Riding in Super Series V and advanced to a RODEOHOUSTON semifinal round. Breding said he feels that he is in Houston for a reason.


“I didn’t originally qualify,” Breding said. “I was thrilled, and hopped in my pickup. I’m extremely blessed to have awesome and powerful support from my family and lots of friends back home.”

Advancing to Semifinal Round:

  • Parking Breding: Edgar, Montana — $5,500
  • Clayton Foltyn: Winnie, Texas — $3,000
  • Jeff Askey: Eustace, Texas — $2,875
  • Shane Proctor: Grand Coulee, Washington — $2,500


The top four from each event from each Super Series advanced to a Semifinal Round. The top four from each event in the Semifinal rounds will advance to the RODEOHOUSTON Super Series Championship, Saturday, March 17. The remaining six from each event in the two semifinals will compete in the Wild Card Round, Friday, March 16, where the top two from each event will advance to the Championship. Each event champion will walk away with a $50,000 payout, in addition to previous winnings. The RODEOHOUSTON Super Series continues through March 17, with the RODEOHOUSTON Super Shootout: North America’s Champions® presented by Crown Royal, on Sunday, March 18.

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