That’s a wrap. The Super Series Round III Championship was not one to miss, with record run times for the 2024 RODEOHOUSTON® barrel racer, Ilyssa Riley, and breakaway roper, Martha Angelone.

The night began with the Tie-Down Roping competition and Joel Harris finished in 9.3 seconds, coming out on top. He finished his event within 9.3 seconds.

“Every guy is doing all that they can every day. I happen to believe I have the best support system that gives me the best opportunities. I’m pretty lucky in that regard,” Harris said.

Shortly after was the Bareback Riding competition with winner Clint Laye. Laye has competed for seven years with two first placements and one-second placement. He scored 83.5 points.

When asked if bareback riding hurts as bad as it looks, Laye said, “It hurts pretty good.”

For the Team Roping segment, ropers Marcus Theriot and Cole Curry earned their win with a 4.7 second run time. The two have been roping together for the past six years. Theriot was also the College Rodeo Champion in 2016.

“I’m just thinking about the steer and the run we need to make. I kind of plan the run in my mind a few times how I think it’s gonna go down,” Theriot said on his mentality in the arena.

With 79 points earned, Damian Brennan hit the top spot during the Saddle Bronc Riding competition.

Walt Arnold took the bull by the horns, and his 5.1-second catch allowed him to advance to the Semi-Finals during his first year at HLSR.

“I just try to relax, try to stay loose…And when it comes down to it, you gotta have a lot of confidence,” Arnold said. “You know, you can’t be doubting yourself. You gotta think to yourself, in your mind ‘I’m the best one here.”

Barrel Racer Ilyssa Riley earned the fastest run of the rodeo tonight with her horse, Money, at 14.56 seconds.

“This arena is unlike any other. I just try really hard to focus more on making a smooth run rather than a fast run. I try to put my mind into a spot that’s not really hustling him or asking him to run harder or to be faster,” Riley said. “I just try to make sure I’m in a good mindset to ride as best I can to get him to his spot, so he can do the best that he can.”

Breakaway Roper Kendal Pierson and her horse Smoke lit the arena up with a four-second run. Pierson talked about how important a consistent routine is to maintain a successful performance.

“I just like to rope my dummy, kinda go through a little routine, but it’s nothing superstitious. It’s just routine of getting ready and mentally prepared,” Pierson said on rodeo day preparations.

In second place was Martha Angelone at 2.9 seconds, the fastest breakaway roper of the Super Series.

Rounding out RODEOHOUSTON was the Bull Riding competition. An 82.5 score led Stran Smith to first placement and TJ Gray to a second placement at 84.5 seconds.

“There are so many different things. Adrenaline rush, you could die every time you get on, and then if you don’t, you land on your feet. It feels great,” Smith said when asked what he loves most about his event.

“I do a lot of praying. Not necessarily praying for something special, just praying about the ride,” Gray said about his pre-game ritual.

Super Series IV Round 1 will begin Thursday, March 7, in the NRG Stadium, starting at 6:45., p.m. followed by a Luke Bryan concert.

2024 Super Series III Championship Advancers (Winnings to Date)

  • Tie-Down Roping
    o Joel Harris, 9.3 seconds, $5,750
    o Macon Murphy, 10.9 seconds, $4,750 o Marty Yates, 10 seconds, $4,500
    o Chance Thiessen, 17.6 seconds, $3,250
  • Bareback Riding
    o Clint Laye, 83.5 points, $8,000
    o Jacob Lees, 82 points, $5,000
    o Pesse Pope, 85 points, $4,250
    o Leighton Berry, 80.5 points, $2,500
  • Team Roping
    o Marcus Theriot & Cole Curry, 4.7 seconds, $13,000 o Cody Snow & Hunter Koch, 5.8 seconds, $12,250
    o JC Yeahquo & Buddy Hawkins, 4.5 seconds, $7,250 o Brenten Hall & Tyler Worley, 5.8 seconds, $4,500
  • Saddle Bronc Riding
    o Damian Brennan, 79 points, $6,000 o Logan Hay, 86 points, $4,250
    o Lucas Macza, 83.5 points, $4,250 o Zeke Thurston, 81.5 points, $3,250
  • Steer Wrestling
    o Walt Arnold, 5.1 seconds, $7,000
    o Dalton Massey, 5.3 seconds, $5,250 o Tristan Martin, 6.7 seconds, $4,000 o Will Lummus, 5.4 seconds, $2,250
  • Barrel Racing
    o Ilyssa Riley, 14.56 seconds, $6,500
    o Kassie Mowry, 14.83 seconds, $4,000 o Hailey Kinsel, 14.88 seconds, $3,750
    o Sara Winkelman, 14.81 seconds, $3,750
  • Breakaway Roping
    o Kendal Pierson, 4 seconds, $5,750
    o Martha Angelone, 2.9 seconds, $4,750 o Hali Williams, 3 seconds, $3,000
    o Taylor Munsell, 3 seconds, $2,750
  • Bull Riding
    o Stran Smith, 82.5 points, $6,000 o TJ Gray, 84.5 points, $5,000
    o Trevor Reiste, $3,000
    o Creek Young, $2,000

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