star trail of fame

The Star Trail of Fame, located outside of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ offices in NRG Center, pays tribute to stars that have made an impact on the Show.

Currently, nine stars are honored with a gold plaque to commemorate their many years of first-class, musical entertainment at RODEOHOUSTON®.


Years Performed: 1942 – ’45, ’47 – ’48, ’55

Gene Autry with his magnificent horse, Champion, rode into the Houston Rodeo arena and the hearts of Houstonians when he appeared as the Rodeo’s first big name star entertainer in 1942. This larger-than-life cowboy hero set a high standard for future Rodeo entertainers. He also worked behind the scenes, producing the Houston Rodeo for many of its early years.

Inducted into the Star Trail of Fame in 1996.


Years Performed: 1950, ’52, ’57, ’60, ’68-69, ’72

Roy Rogers, “The King of the Cowboys”, brought his movie star charisma and considerable talent to entertain Houston Rodeo audiences for three decades. Roy Rogers personified “the good guy in the white hat,” and was so special to Houston audiences that he was chosen to be the star of the Rodeo’s Silver Jubilee 25th anniversary celebration.

Inducted into the Star Trail of Fame in 1996.


Years Performed: 1983-97, 2002-04, ’06-07, ’13, ’19, ’22

George Strait is a RODEOHOUSTON icon, having ridden with the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo through many of its major milestones. His concert at the final Rodeo performance in the Astrodome set the all-time attendance record for the Dome, and he performed on the opening night of RODEOHOUSTON in NRG Stadium. Having entertained more than 1.5 million RODEOHOUSTON fans, George Strait has always been a fan favorite at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

On March 17, 2013, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo announced that it would award an annual four-year college scholarship in honor of George Strait. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo George Strait Scholarship is awarded annually through the Rodeo’s scholarship program. This scholarship honors the legacy of George Strait and his partnership and friendship with our organization.

Inducted into the Star Trail of Fame in 1996.
Rededicated March 17, 2013.


Years Performed: 1970, ’74

For eight unforgettable performances in the 70’s, Elvis Presley redefined “entertainment” for nearly 300,000 lucky fans. He brought unmatched-to-this-day charisma to a small center stage in a giant dirt-covered arena. People still talk about those eight performances when The King of Rock ‘N’ Roll confirmed his status as one of the true “stars” of the Houston Rodeo.

Inducted into the Star Trail of Fame in 1997.


Years Performed: 1970, ’72-87, ’89, ’91, 2002

Charley Pride performed at the Houston Rodeo with fresh, exciting shows for more than 1.2 million fans. He survived the ups and downs of country music, proving time and again that his talent went beyond trends and fads. For three decades, Charley brought his unique brand of excitement to the Houston Rodeo.

Inducted into the Star Trail of Fame in 1997.


Years Performed: 1984, ’87-89, ’91-2000, ’04, ’07, ’09, ’12, ’14

Reba has been a RODEOHOUSTON favorite since she first graced the stage in 1984. During her 1991 performance, Reba performed in front of her 1 millionth RODEOHOUSTON fan. Throughout the 1980s, ’90s and 2000s, she has entertained RODEOHOUSTON fans with a sound that has become a constant in country music. Reba is the first woman to be added to the Star Trail of Fame.

Inducted into the Star Trail of Fame in 2007.


Years Performed: 1992 – 2010, 2019, 2023

The dynamic duo of Brooks & Dunn has provided electric performances for RODEOHOUSTON fans since first stepping on the rotating stage in 1992. During their 2007 performance, Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn performed in front of their 1 millionth RODEOHOUSTON fan. Brooks & Dunn is the first duo/group to be added to the Star Trail of Fame.

Inducted into the Star Trail of Fame in 2008.


Years Performed: 1992-2002, 2004-13, ’15, ’17

Alan Jackson has brought his smooth, country charm to more than 1 million RODEOHOUSTON fans. He has without a doubt become a RODEOHOUSTON favorite, with his deep, southern twang. Since the early ’90s, Alan Jackson has certainly put his unique brand on Houston and its fans.

Inducted into the Star Trail of Fame in 2011.


Years Performed: 1994-95 (with Los Dinos – 1993)

Selena is one of the more celebrated Mexican-American entertainers of the late 20th century. She remains a legendary artist who has become a bicultural icon. The Queen of Tejano made three RODEOHOUSTON performances, including her last concert at Reliant Astrodome in 1995. Selena entertained nearly 180,000 Rodeo fans during these performances. She will forever be loved by her fans, and continues to inspire generations with her music.

Inducted into the Star Trail of Fame in 2020.


Years Performed: 2001, ’05, ’08-12, ’14-’19, ’22-’23

Brad Paisley has been a RODEOHOUSTON fan-favorite since his first performance in 2001. He’s earned his place in country music history as one of the genre’s most talented and decorated male artists through his song writing and unmatched showmanship. His clever hits and energetic performances have cemented his status as an iconic country superstar. With his 15th appearance in 2023, he has entertained more than 1 million RODEOHOUSTON fans.

Inducted into the Star Trail of Fame in 2023.