Livestock Show

Since 1932, the Houston Livestock Show™ has encouraged and promoted the breeding, raising and marketing of the livestock industry in the Texas Gulf Coast region. Today, it is the world's largest and most prestigious livestock exhibition. Thousands of exhibitors come from all parts of the world and across the state of Texas to exhibit their livestock, and only the best of the best leave the green-shavings arena with the elite title of Houston Champion.

Exhibitor Information

Junior Show

Junior Show

Each year, the Houston Livestock Show™ draws thousands of Texas 4-H and FFA exhibitors to compete at the world's largest livestock show. These students bring various species of livestock — from rabbits and poultry to goats and steers — each hoping to take home the coveted title of Houston Champion. Each exhibitor works several months to prepare for competition among the finest junior livestock the state of Texas has to offer.

  • Breeding Beef Heifers
  • Breeding Gilts
  • Breeding Sheep
  • Dairy Cattle
  • Market Barrows
  • Market Broilers
  • Market Goats
  • Market Lambs
  • Market Steers
  • Market Turkeys

Open Show

Open Show

From across the U.S. and Texas, exhibitors of all ages come to the Houston Livestock Show™ each spring for a chance at a championship title. Also included in the Open Show are youth-only competitions, which allow youngsters the chance to exhibit at the largest livestock show in the world and experience the show ring from an early age.

  • Beef Cattle
  • Breeding Rabbits*
  • Dairy Cattle
  • Dairy and Boer Goats*
  • Llamas and Alpacas*
  • Meat Pen Rabbits*
  • Rabbits and Cavies
  • Sheep and Goats
  • Sheep Dog Trials
  • Specialty Cattle*
* includes youth classes

Livestock Care

The care of livestock is of the utmost importance to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™. It is important for all Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo exhibitors to be conscientious stewards of the livestock that they raise, care for and exhibit each year at the Rodeo. Treating these animals with care and respect is an important part of exhibitors’ daily practices. Applying good animal welfare practices leads to great productivity, not only in the show ring, but also, in the case of market animals, to high quality, safe products in the food chain.

The Rodeo has put rules in place to enforce these good practices with its exhibitors. It is the responsibility of all exhibitors to provide humane care of animals.

The Rodeo will disqualify and remove any exhibitor deemed to be in violation of this basic principle of animal husbandry. In accordance with Section 42.09, as defined in the Texas Health and Safety code, any exhibitor found in violation of these principles is subject to disqualification and a $10,000 fine.


Thanks to United Airlines!

United Airlines recognizes the hard work of the following junior show champions with airline tickets to travel to a place of their choice.

  • Breed Champions in the Junior Breeding Beef Heifer Show
  • Supreme Champion Gilt
  • Reserve Supreme Champion Gilt
  • Supreme Champion Ewe
  • Reserve Supreme Champion Ewe