2022 Semifinal 2 Champions

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World-class competition performed their best to advance to the RODEOHOUSTON Championship Round.



Ryan Jarrett was the fastest of the night with a 9.1 second run. Jarrett has had some recent success on the rodeo trail and is looking to continue that success in the RODEOHOUSTON Championship Round.


“This winter has been pretty good, and we are just having fun,” said Jarrett.

Advancing to the Championship Round (winnings to date):

  • Ryan Jarrett: Comanche, Oklahoma — $5,000
  • John Douch: Huntsville, Texas — $7,250
  • Blaine Cox: Cameron, Texas — $6,000
  • Hunter Herrin: Apache, Oklahoma — $6,500



Will Lowe has been around the sport of rodeo for years, and the veteran continued to show why he is at the top of his game with an 85-point ride to win the Bareback Riding in the Semifinal 2 Round.


“We just bear down and try hard,” said Lowe. “These horses get your adrenaline going no matter what.”

Advancing to the Championship Round (winnings to date):

  • Will Lowe: Amarillo, Texas — $6,125
  • Cole Reiner: Buffalo, Wyoming — $6,125
  • R.C. Landingham: Hat Creek, California — $4,125
  • Garrett Shadbolt: Merriman, Nebraska — $3,125



Curry Kirchner and Austin Rogers proved why they should be in the Championship Round with a 4.7 second run to win the Semifinal 2 Round.

Advancing to the Championship Round (winnings to date):

  • Curry Kirchner: Ames, Oklahoma; and Austin Rogers: Crescent, Oklahoma — $12,000
  • Clay Tryan: Lipan, Texas, and Jake Long: Morgan Mill, Texas — $9,000
  • Clay Smith: Iowa Park, Texas; and Jade Corkill: Stephenville, Texas — $9,000
  • Aaron Tsinigine: Tuba City, Arizona; and Kyle Lockett: Visalia, California — $11,000



Layton Green rode Night Train of the Stockyards Rodeo to 87 points, advancing him to the Championship Round.


“It’s always good to get a good ride under your belt,” said Green. “The horse bucked hard, and the ride felt good.”

Advancing to the Championship Round (winnings to date):

  • Layton Green: Meeting Creek, Alberta, Canada — $7,500
  • Rusty Wright: Beaver, Utah — $7,500
  • Lefty Marvel Holman: Visalia, California — $5,875
  • Mitch Pollock: Twin Falls, Idaho — $5,000



The young gun, Tucker Allen, made a blazing fast 4.4 second run to win the RODEOHOUSTON Semifinal 2 Round and advances to the Championship Round.


“It’s mostly about mindset,” said Allen. “You have to go out there and think you can win, then go do it.”

Advancing to the Championship Round:

  • Tucker Allen: Oak View, California — $5,375
  • Jace Melvin: Bluff Dale, Texas — $5,375
  • Dustin Merritt: Edmond, Oklahoma — $5,000
  • Dirk Tavenner: Rigby, Idaho — $4,500



The reigning World Champion Barrel Racer, Jordan Briggs, proved why she is the World Champ with a 14.52 second run in the Semifinal 2 Round.

Advancing to the Championship Round (winnings to date):

  • Jordon Briggs: Tolar, Texas — $10,000
  • Kassie Mowry: Dublin, Texas — $10,000
  • Dona Kay Rule: Minco, Oklahoma — $7,000
  • Nellie Miller: Cottonwood, California — $6,500



Colten Fritzland rode a fiery bull, Keep Talkin, from Cervi Championship Rodeo to earn himself an 89-point ride and the Semifinal 2 Championship.


“You understand your purpose while you’re here,” said Fritzland. “You either win or you learn.”

Advancing to the Championship Round (winnings to date):

  • Colten Fritzlan: Lipan, Texas — $6,000
  • Stetson Wright: Beaver, Utah — $7,000
  • Jeff Askey: Eustace, Texas — $2,000
  • Blaine Beaty: Deer Creek, Minnesota — $7,000



Amanda Coleman came out on top after competing against a tough group of ropers in the Semifinal 2 Round. Coleman took the win with a 2.5 second run.

Advancing to the Championship Round (winnings to date):

  • Amanda Coleman: Stephenville, Texas — $5,000
  • JJ Hampton: Stephenville, Texas — $5,000
  • Laramie Johnson: Shreveport, Louisiana — $3,000
  • Erin Johnson: Fowler, Colorado: — $3,750


The top four from each event in Semifinal 2 will advance to the RODEOHOUSTON Super Series Championship, Saturday, March 19. The remaining six from each event in the Semifinal Round will compete in the Wild Card Round, Friday, March 18, where the top two from each event will advance to the Championship Round. Each event champion will walk away with a $50,000 payout, in addition to previous winnings.


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