2021 Writing Competition Winners

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In 2021, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ Trailblazer Committee hosted an inaugural Writing Competition for Texas second graders. The Writing Competition provides an opportunity for students to display their creativity, imagination and writing skills in either an essay or poem. The 2021 theme was “Why I Am Proud to Live in Texas.”

Check out the winners’ works of art from the inaugural Writing Competition.






  • Claire Pumphrey
  • Huggins Elementary – Fulshear, Texas
Eagle in my Backyard

I was sitting next to the fire, huddled under thick warm blankets. The power was out, and water was dripping into our sinks. Wind howled down our chimney and snow made a blanket of white outside. Suddenly a big black‐brown and white bird swooped down over the snow covered trees, “Look a bald eagle!” I heard my dad say. This made me think of why I am proud to live in Texas.

Whenever there is a natural disaster like this snowstorm, I know that Texans look out for one another. Texans help each other find food, shelter, water and gas. My mom knows she can always count on HEB to get water and food to people. My dad always loads up his truck with tools and a generator to help people fix flooded homes or burst pipes. It makes me proud to see him help others.

Many people in Texas like raising cows. At my family’s land, we have cows and lots of baby calves. My brother and I like to go to the farm. We climb on hay barrels and play. In spring, bluebonnets bloom and butterflies fly all around. I love how it feels each time we pull into the gate at our farm.

Every fall, my family likes to go pecan picking. We take bags and our wagon out in search of pecans. We walk along my neighborhood’s trails, crunching on fallen leaves until we find the pecan trees. My brother and I have contests to see who can find the most pecans. My dad cracks them and my mom bakes them into yummy pecan pies.

This year I am most thankful to live in Texas because I can go to school. I love seeing my friends face to face and not on a computer screen. It makes me feel important to have a place to go every day and a classroom full of friends to laugh and learn with. I went back to staring at the eagle. I am SO proud to live in Texas!


  • Emma Ferguson
  • Greens Prairie Elementary – College Station, Texas
Why I am proud to Live in Texas

You won’t find anyone more proud of her state than this Texas girl y’all! We live in a state that is inclusive to all. This state is huge with lots of places to visit. But what makes me most proud of all is that my dad is a state trooper that protects the great state of Texas!

Texas is a state where no matter what someone’s disability is or the color of their skin, we will still be kind. I have a friend in my class with different colored skin than me. He is still my friend. I have seen people in my community help kids and grownups with disabilities. That is really kind of them and makes me proud!

Y’all, when I say Texas is big, I mean it’s big! It fits Houston, Dallas, and a really big beach in it. My favorite places to visit are Texas City, Galveston, and the Guadalupe River. My Mimi and Grandpa live in Texas City and we always go to the beach in Galveston and visit the penguins at the aquarium. I also like to go tubing in the Guadalupe River in the summer.

What makes me most proud to be a Texan is the brave people that protect it. My dad is Trooper Justin Ferguson. His job is to protect the state of Texas. He is a hard-working state trooper that is really good at keeping Texas safe. I am so proud of him because he never lets me or Texas down.

Texas is the best state in the world. The three reasons I listed here are why I love this state the most. I am so proud to call Texas my home and I will never leave!


  • Ava Bessler
  • Homeschooled – College Station, Texas
The Great State of Texas

One day I was walking around in the park and a big truck dropped a box on the ground. I picked up the box, and I heard “Get me out of this box?” “Huh?” I asked. I opened the box, and a pair of cowgirl boots jumped out and said “I had a long journey here. I’ve heard a lot of people talking about the greatness of the Lone Star State. What’s so great about it anyway?! ” Well get off your high horse, sit down beside me, and I’Il tell you,” I said. “First of all, the monarch butterfly is the state insect and can fly very far! It is very pretty and spiders know not to eat them because monarch butterflies are poisonous,” I said. “Oh they are beautiful” said the boots. The Texas flag is red, white and blue. Red stands for bravery, white stands for purity, and blue stands for loyalty.” I told the boots. “Those are the same colors as the U.S. Flag,” the boots said. “Brave people have lived here. Many people fought in battles like the Alamo for their independence from Mexico. Also the pecan tree is the state tree of Texas. Both sets of my grandparents have big pecan trees in their yards.” “Pecan trees are neat,” said the boots. “Here are some fun Texas words that we say: y’all, reckon, howdy, and giddy up. Also Texas comes from the word tejas which means friends,” I said. “What does howdy mean?” said the boots. “Howdy means how do you do,”, I told them.

”But… do you know why I am so proud to live in Texas?” I asked them. “Why?” they asked. “Because all of my family lives here and I have great friends who live here. Also my dad who works at an oil company and my grandfathers who have worked in agriculture have had good careers here. That means we have had enough money to live and enjoy things.” “Well I reckon you are making us boots proud Texans!” said the boots.





  • Hunter Hoffman
  • Whitney Elementary – Whitney, Texas

Yeehaw! My name is ______________, but they call me Bill. I am a Texas cowboy and I am going to tell you about my travels across Texas.

I started off in Amarillo, where the feed lots are full of steers.
Stopped in at the Big Texan and ate a steak I won’t forget for years.

Then I traveled down to Lubbock, where my Comanche friends used to roam.
I saw the cotton in the fields next to where the Red Raiders call home.

I rode a train to San Antonio, where I visited the Alamo.
Ate some Mexican food by the river, but can’t stay long, I’ve to go.

So I walked on up to Austin, the capitol city is so neat.
Went to the governor’s mansion, meeting him was a treat.

Took a plane to Fort Worth, felt right at home in old Cowtown.
Visited the stockyards while I was there, where all the cattle came around.

From there I rode east to Tyler, where the pine trees are so tall.
The people there are so friendly, I might just go back this fall.

Then I took off down to Houston and went to the big rodeo.
Rode a bull for 8 seconds and made it to the short go.

Now I’m sitting in South Padre, on the beaches full of sand.
With my toes in the water, thinking about this land.

All the places that I’ve been, all the things that I’ve seen.
This place we call Texas is like a good dream.

The people here are nice, polite, and kind.
They share well with others, and they don’t seem to mind.

I’m proud to be from Texas, and a Texan I’ll always be.
My family and my home, they can never take from me.


  • Blaise Bayer
  • Homeschooled – Gainesville, Texas
Why I am Proud to Live in Texas

I am proud to live in Texas.
It is the state I love the most.
Texas’s scenery is beautiful,
From the panhandle to the coast.
The pasture is green.
My cows just like to graze.
Bluebonnets dot the fields.
The flowers look like a maze.
I am proud to live in Texas.
I love our Texas history.
We remember the Alamo.
Our Texas Independence is no mystery.
It is easy to take pride in Texas.
We pledge allegiance to our Texas flag.
Texas is rich in beauty and history.
Taking pride in Texas is easy, in fact it is hard not to brag.


  • Savannah Evans
  • Second Baptist School – Houston
The Pride of Texas

Texas is my Lone Star State
This is why it’s really great
Tex-mex is good food
Hey watch it dude
You’re about to spill my taco plate

Bluebonnets are great flowers
They make tall blue towers
Armadillos curl into a ball
While pecans fall
Collecting them takes hours

Texans are brave
Davy Crockett came to save
Aggies say howdy
And the twelfth man goes rowdy
Yeah Texans are my fave

In Texas we have rodeos
We get to eat fried oreos
We eat them with Blue Bell ice cream
And it makes us scream
We play country music on our radios

Texan I am proud to be
Living here fills me with glee
In Texas we are friendly to all
And now it’s time to say “Goodbye Ya’ll”
Let’s go drink some sweet tea


  • Cydney Howell
  • Cornerstone Christian Academy – Sugar Land
Texas Proud

I am proud to live in Texas because everything is BIGGER in Texas! I enjoy going to the huge rodeo every year. At the rodeo, I enjoy all the tasty funnel cakes, country music, and carnival rides. I cannot wait for the pandemic to go away so we can enjoy the rodeo again.

Another reason why I am proud to live in Texas is because of the beautiful bluebonnets that bloom every year in the springtime. People visit from all over the United States to see the bluebonnets. I feel lucky because they bloom near my home! The bluebonnet was chosen as the Texas state flower in 1901.

I am also proud to be a Texan because of our awesome football team — The Houston Texans! My family and I love to watch the Texans play during football season. Deshaun Watson and JJ Watts are two of my favorites!

My last and most important reason for being Texan proud is because of the spirit of Texas. During this pandemic and now the artic blast weather, I have seen many people helping each other out when needed. Everyone seems to come to each other’s aide when they need it most. Whenever someone needs food, water or shelter, everyone around you will be willing to lend a helping hand.

Everything is bigger in Texas, but mostly everyone’s heart. Deep in the heart of Texas!


  • Bryson Courtney
  • Harvey Brown Elementary – Houston
A Wonderful Day in Texas

A Day in Texas
Hearing cowboys talking and longhorns mooing,
A Day in Texas
Seeing bulls bucking and animals pooping,
A Day in Texas
Smelling fresh-baked pies and cookies baking,
A Day in Texas
Feeling the love of Jesus and roller coasters shaking,
A Day in Texas
Tasting a cup of fresh-made lemonade and a candy apple,
A Day in Texas
Hearing fans cheering and loud running cattle,
A Day in Texas
Seeing steer wrestling and team roping,
A Day in Texas
Smelling turkey legs cooking with a barbeque coating,
A Day in Texas
Feeling soft animal fur and sweat falling,
A Day in Texas
There is nothing better than hearing the crickets calling.

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