The world’s largest livestock show and rodeo captivates southeast Texas for three market-intensive weeks, making this phenomenal entertainment event the standard others follow. From activities on the grounds, like The Hideout, to rodeo events in NRG Stadium, Official Rodeo Sponsors receive extensive exposure and hospitality. The nearly 2.5 million who attend are passionate about Texas, Western heritage and the Rodeo’s mission as a charitable institution. Sponsorships begin at $100,000.

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Partnering with us brings you....

  • Strong Brand
  • Non-Profit with $25 Million Donation 
  • World's Largest Livestock Show and Rodeo
  • One of the Richest and Biggest Rodeo


Promoting with us brings opportunities...

  • Engage 2.4 Million Visitors On-Site
  • Co-brand with Sponsors
  • Develop Memorable Experiences
  • Entertain Clients
  • Join Houston's Best Tradition


Partnering with us produces...

  • Positive Results
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Build Strong Relationships
  • B2B Opportunities
  • Community Involvement

Contact Us

For more information regarding sponsorship opportunities, please contact the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ Sponsorship Department. With more than 1 million visits to the organization's Facebook page, 220,000-plus Twitter followers and 2.46 million people during Rodeo — there are countless ways to join the Rodeo.

Amber Burda | burda@rodeohouston.com

Types of Sponsorship

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ provides multiple different ways for companies and other organizations to get involved in the world's largest livestock show and rodeo. The Rodeo works with interested partners to ensure a positive experience with the event and year-round support.

Heritage Partner

These organizations are the strongest corporate supporters of the Rodeo, extending the level of commitment as exclusive sponsors.

Official Providers

These sponsors provide specific services for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™.

Title Sponsors

These sponsors extend their level of commitment to an individual event or attraction at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™.

Official Sponsors

These sponsors specifically target special events on the Rodeo grounds, whether in NRG Stadium, NRG Center, NRG Arena or in other areas.

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