Agricultural Competitions & Exhibits Division
Executive Director, Agricultural Competitions & Exhibits Chris Boleman
Executive Assistant Darlene Lively
Managing Director, Auctions Keri Hensley
Coordinator, Auctions Bridget O’Brien
Coordinator, Auctions Rachel Sembera
Director, Wine Show Jennifer Meznarich
Coordinator, Wine Show Emilia Craig
Horse Show Department
Managing Director, Horse Show Stacy Scott
Livestock Competitions & Exhibits Department
Managing Director, Livestock Competitions & Exhibits Karl Hengst
Coordinator, Livestock Alisa Luckey
Coordinator, Livestock Kyle Walker
Senior Coordinator, Calf Scramble Kim Wilson

Financial Division
Chief Financial Officer Jennifer Hazelton
Executive Director, Controller Katie Grahmann
Manager, Accounts Payable Karen Koepke
Assistant, Finance Kayla Montoya
Director, Financial Reporting Carolyn LaRue
Associate, Finance/Accounting Projects Amber Stephens
Senior Accountant Rachel Crawford
Accounting Operations Department
Managing Director, Accounting Operations Denise McCoy
Director, Accounts Receivable Pam Green
Associate, Accounts Receivable Jacqueline Tassel
Associate, Accounting Operations Amanda McGuire
Educational Programs Department
Executive Director, Educational Programs Amy Moroney
Manager, Grants Katelyn Scates
Coordinator, Scholarships Jamie Voskamp
Coordinator, Scholarship/Alumni Programs Lauren Walstad
Membership Department
Managing Director, Membership Melissa Hernlund
Coordinator, Membership Katherine Herrmann
Coordinator, Membership Ashley Powell

General Exhibits & Attractions Division
Executive Director, General Exhibits & Attractions Julie Bass
Attractions & Competitions Department
Managing Director, Attractions & Competitions Laura Lambert
Coordinator, Attractions & Competitions Angela Gutierrez
Exhibits & Events Department
Manager, Exhibits & Events Amanda Schlatre
Coordinator, Exhibits & Events Maria Apreza

Information Systems Division
Chief Information Officer Andy Sloan
Managing Director, Information Systems Operations Steve Gumerman
Administrator, LAN Allen Rountree
Help Desk Support Coordinator Randy Moore
Software Development Department
Managing Director, Software Development Catherine Calvo
Quality Assurance and Product Support Specialist Julie Hacker
Visual Studio Software Developer Majeed Arshad
Visual Studio Software Developer Raymond Ramirez
Visual Studio Software Developer Kevin Sherrill
Oracle Developer Bidhan Chakma
Senior Oracle Developer Shahzad Naseer

Legal, Human Resources and Purchasing Division
General Counsel Sherry Hibbert
Executive Assistant Lisa Armstrong
Human Resources Department
Managing Director, Human Resources Dana Seymour
Assistant, Human Resources Carmen Joyner
Purchasing Department
Managing Director, Purchasing Wade Hooker

Marketing, Public Relations & Presentations Division
Executive Director, Marketing, Public Relations and Presentation Lisa Gagnon   
Senior Coordinator, Go Texan Joanna Pedigo 
Director, Brand Betsy Ellison
Coordinator, Marketing Research Analyst & Special Projects Lisa Schifani
Production & Presentations Department
Managing Director, Production & Presentations Johnnie Westerhaus
Coordinator, Marketing Tasha Coney
Coordinator, Marketing Andrena Wheeler
Broadcast & Audio Visual Department
Managing Director, Broadcast & Audio Visual James Davidson
Senior Video Producer Liz Chapman
Senior Production Manager Gary Hazen
Associate, Video Production/Studio Operations Ida Nuncio
Communications Department
Managing Director, Communications Clint Saunders
Director, Media Relations & Communications Brittany Rader
Manager, Creative Design Lindsay Partridge
Graphic Designer Lene Botha
Coordinator, Communications Brooke Prather
Web Administrator Julio Ramirez

Operations Division
Executive Director, Operations Mike DeMarco
Managing Director, Operations Kyle Olsen
Manager, Operations Dalinda Cauble
Coordinator, Operations Jennifer Clark
Executive Assistant Lindsay Klein
Coordinator, Operations Annie Mayer
Senior Coordinator, Inventory & Purchasing Brandie Triola
Buildings & Grounds Department
Managing Director, Buildings & Grounds Greg Golightly
Coordinator, Buildings & Grounds Kim Cornelius
Manager, Buildings & Grounds Bobby Richardson
Manager, Facility Services Brett Haney
Coordinator, Facility & Services Jason Wilson
Manager, Operations Rick Tyrell
Carpenter/Maintenance Mechanic Glenn Cessna
Carpenter III Iggie Revear
Carpenter/Welder/Equipment Operator III Peter Shaw
Carpenter I Ricky Franke
Maintenance Mechanic/Painter Larry Bostick
Maintenance Mechanic/Painter Nelson Moz
Painter/Drywall Technician III Hayward Rice Jr.
Welder/Operator III Lee Edwards
Welder/Operator III Wayne Norman

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