Athlete Profile

Chance Oftedahl

Chance Oftedahl

Tie-Down Roping

Super Series II

Hometown:   Pemberton, MN
Back Number:   322

Current Standings

Round 1 11.8
Placing 6 $0
Round 2 9.5
Placing 4 $750
Round 3 9.6
Placing 4 $750
Super Series II 7
Series Money $1,500
Overall Placing
Total Money $1,500

About the Athlete

Marital status
Number of children
Years you have competed in Rodeos professionally
Times (years) you competed at RODEOHOUSTON
What is your biggest rodeo win?
Winning the calf roping and all around circuit titles last November.
What is your most memorable rodeo experience?
I was 4.8 in the team roping and 6.8 in the calf roping to win both rounds at our circuit finals. That got my partner a trip to Kissimmee in the team roping and me a trip in the calf roping, it was cl
What are your hobbies?
I love to train horses, play sports, and hunt.
What is your favorite thing to do outside of rodeo?
Train horses. Hog hunt
What is your favorite food?
Mexican food
What is your favorite sports team?
Minnesota Vikings
What is your favorite song?
I’m All The Way Up
What makes you unique?
I suffered a severe concussion and broke my neck back in 2015. Many people thought I’d never be able to function normally let alone compete at a high level again. I have to work on my health just as m
What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
Pulled into a rodeo one time that no one gave me a chance to make it to as they called my name I jumped outa my truck. I drove so fast into the rodeo grounds I broke the hood on my semi and my breaks
Do you have a job outside of rodeo?
No, just play cowboy
Where did you attend high school?
St. Clair Minnesota
Did you attend college?
Where did you attend college?
Odessa tx
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