Athlete Profile

Teri Bangart

Teri Bangart

Barrel Racing

Super Series I

Hometown:   Olympia, WA
Back Number:   11

Current Standings

Round 1 14.9
Placing 2 $2,000
Round 2 14.8
Placing 1 Tie $2,500
Round 3 14.9
Placing 2 $2,000
Super Series I 2
Series Money $6,500
SemiFinals II
Overall Placing
Total Money $6,500

About the Athlete

Marital status
Number of children
Years you have competed in Rodeos professionally
Times (years) you competed at RODEOHOUSTON
What is your biggest rodeo win?
Super series III rodeo Houston Stephenville, TX and Sister, OR. Reserve Champion Pendleton, OR.
What is your most memorable rodeo experience?
My first year running at the Houston Rodeo and winning super series III and making it back to the finals. When Peak and I won the Stephenville Rodeo. I knew we couldn't break into the top 15 so winni
What are your hobbies?
Any contact sport
What is your favorite thing to do outside of rodeo?
Because I am on the road for quite a bit I enjoy spending time with my teenagers and riding my colts.
What is your favorite food?
Tacos! Just kidding it's steak
What is your favorite sports team?
I love to play but don't have much time to watch.
What is your favorite song?
Not necessarily a favorite song but I enjoy Eric Church, Casey Donahew and Bart Crow.
What makes you unique?
Friends say I'm a force of nature
What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
I bought an Allstate agency and 2 years later bought another
Do you have a job outside of rodeo?
Yes, I have 2 Allstate Agencies
Where did you attend high school?
Bethel High School
Did you attend college?
Where did you attend college?
Pierce College
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