Athlete Profile

Morgan Wilde

Morgan Wilde

Bareback Riding

Super Series II

Hometown:   Arimo, ID
Back Number:   324

Current Standings

Round 184.0
Placing 2$2,000
Round 278.0
Placing 3$1,000
Round 385.0
Placing 1$3,000
Super Series II1 Tie
Series Money$6,000
SemiFinals II83.0
Placing 5 Tie$0
Placing 8 Tie$500
Overall Placing
Total Money$6,500

About the Athlete

Marital status
Number of children
Years you have competed in Rodeos professionally
Times (years) you competed at RODEOHOUSTON
What is your biggest rodeo win?
2018 Wilderness Circuits Finals Rodeo
What is your most memorable rodeo experience?
In St George Utah a horse wouldn't leave with me so I got a reride and was 89 points.
What are your hobbies?
Hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, four wheeling, boating, little construction projects around the house pretty much anything outdoors and hanging out with my family!
What is your favorite thing to do outside of rodeo?
I really enjoy wakeboarding I could do that all day everyday. I have started getting into long range rifle shooting. That is a blast.
What is your favorite food?
It's a draw between lasagna and steak and potatoes. Depends on the day!
What is your favorite song?
T-shirt by Thomas Rhett.
What makes you unique?
How handsome I am. Ha ha
What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
Cliff jumped into a lake it was about 45 feet.
Do you have a job outside of rodeo?
Electrician when I have to be.
Where did you attend high school?
Marsh valley high school in mccammon Idaho graduated with about 80 or so.
Did you attend college?
Where did you attend college?
Idaho state university in Pocatello idaho



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