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Tiany Schuster

Tiany Schuster

Barrel Racing

Super Series II

Hometown:   Krum, TX
Back Number:   314

Current Standings

Round 1 14.5
Placing 1 $3,000
Round 2 14.6
Placing 2 $2,000
Round 3 14.6
Placing 4 $750
Super Series II 1
Series Money $5,750
SemiFinals I 19.9
Placing 10 $0
Wildcard 14.8
Placing 6 $500
Overall Placing
Total Money $6,250

About the Athlete

Marital status
Number of children
Years you have competed in Rodeos professionally
Times (years) you competed at RODEOHOUSTON
What is your biggest rodeo win?
Oakland California and Lakeland Florida both in2013. Winning Calgary this year. CURRENTLY SITTING 2ND WITH LIMITED HAULING IN TJE INTERNATIONAL PROFESSIONAL RODEO ASSOCIATION. Finals are January 16-
What is your most memorable rodeo experience?
Winning Oakdale!!! Oakdale was my first rodeo out west. Ihad no idea I'd be competitive or.not. Will take the win! And also this year wcoming from nowhere in June 2013 to currently sitting 2nd
What are your hobbies?
Hobbies?!?! You mean there is something other than horses? I try to go to gym a couple days a week.
What is your favorite thing to do outside of rodeo?
Catch up on me time. Try and get some girlie time in for a massage or pedicure!
What is your favorite food?
Mexican tortilla soup (but with out tortillas! )
What is your favorite sports team?
Japanese Cricket Fighting
What is your favorite song?
AC/DC Thunderstruck is my favorite song to compete to!
What makes you unique?
Where to begin!!! My bold honest opinion to start!
Do you have a job outside of rodeo?
I do all North American sales & marketing for BRAZILIAN SADDLE and do all sales & marketing for PONY PLATE, the strongest, safest, and most portable equine vibration unit. Pony Plate is also the most
Where did you attend high school?
John Ehret in Louisiana and Hancock High in Mississippi
Do you have a YouTube channel?


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