Rodeo Rally FAQ


What is Rodeo Rally?

Rodeo Rally is a Rodeo fan’s digital key to making the most out of attending the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™. Fans can download the official RODEOHOUSTON App (iPhone and Android) and register to receive their Rodeo Rally QR code under the Games & Prizes section. Registration is FREE – no purchase necessary.

How does my Rodeo Rally pass work?

By visiting and interacting with several different locations throughout the grounds, you can use your Rodeo Rally pass and fan QR scanner to collect digital buckles. The more buckles you collect, the more chances you have to earn FREE prizes.

Your Rodeo Rally pass allows you to access photos taken at different activations throughout the grounds, including a photo booth and GIF booth in The Social Spur and by our roaming mobile paparazzi.

Where can I use my Rodeo Rally Pass?

Your Rodeo Rally pass can be used across the entire grounds of the Houston Livestock and Show and Rodeo wherever you see a Rodeo Rally sign. A map to all locations can be found here.

Rodeo Rally Registration

What is the age requirement to register for Rodeo Rally?

You must be over the age of 18 to register for your Rodeo Rally pass. For your safety, all fans registering will be required to accept the waiver to participate. During registration, adults will have the opportunity to add their minors and accept a minor legal waiver.

What happens if I enter incorrect information during registration?

If you entered incorrect information during registration, you can visit The Social Spur where they can assist you or email

What happens if I forget to enter the minors attached to my Rodeo Rally pass during registration?

You do not need to re-register. Simply visit The Social Spur or email for assistance.

Will minors have their own Rodeo Rally Pass?

No. Only registered adults over the age of 18 will have a Rodeo Rally pass QR code. Each adult must have their own QR code.


Where can I download the RODEOHOUSTON app to register for Rodeo Rally?

Fans can download the official RODEOHOUSTON app in the iTunes or Google Play stores by searching “RODEOHOUSTON.”


How do I win prizes?

In the RODEOHOUSTON mobile app, you will find in the menu item “Games & Prizes” — here you can view a list of buckles and how to collect them. While visiting these specific locations you can scan the QR code located on the large Rodeo Rally sign using the QR Scanner on your Fan Pass. The buckle will turn Rodeo blue once it’s been collected. The more buckles you earn, the more prizes you qualify to win.

How many buckles do I have to collect to win a prize?

By collecting digital buckles, fans can enter to win and earn FREE prizes.

  • 15 Buckles – Rodeo Wrangler
  • 25 Buckles – Grand Champion
    • Fans who reach this level will automatically be entered to win season tickets to the 2021 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!

In addition to the buckle breakdown above, all RODEO RALLY participants are entered to win a unique experience prize. One winner will be drawn every Friday during the Rodeo. This includes a choice of riding in Grand Entry, a behind-the-scenes tour of NRG Stadium, a playdate in the Petting Zoo or Birthing Center with baby livestock, and more.

Prize Redemption

If I have completed a tier of prizes, where do I claim my prize?

All things RODEO RALLY will live at the Rodeo’s new fan lounge area, The Social Spur — located near the McNee gate entrance off Kirby on the north side of NRG Stadium. Make your way to the prize redemption table and someone will verify how many buckles you have collected before awarding you your prize.

Game Participation

Can I participate with the Rodeo Rally pass?

To be eligible to participate and have the chance to win prizes from Rodeo Rally, you must have the RODEOHOUSTON app and be registered in the Games & Prizes section.


I took a photo onsite and then scanned my Rodeo Rally pass, where can I see this photo?

Under the “Games & Prizes” area in the RODEOHOUSTON app there is a button labeled “My Photos” that you can view all of your photos taken onsite with your Rodeo Rally pass. Once you take your first photo, the button will activate and you’ll be able to view and share your photos with friends and family on social media!