Market Barrow Updates
Howdy Market Barrow Exhibitors!

Market Barrow Show C – March 13, 2021, Update

In the best interest of our junior exhibitors, we have reordered the Wave 2 – Day 1 Barrow Show C. The new show order will be:
  • Poland China
  • Spotted
  • Dark Crosses
Yorkshires will still be shown Sunday, March 14. All Poland Chinas and Spotted barrow exhibitors who fail to classify for their respective breed will then be reclassed to Dark Crossbred. Barrows that are reclassed to dark crossbred will only show during the dark crossbred.

Class numbers will remain the same as published. The show order is the only thing that has been updated.

Get text updates for the Junior Market Barrow Show by texting MKTBARROW to 70677.

We look forward to seeing everyone soon!


Livestock Staff