2020 Refunds and Premium Payout Update
To: Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ Livestock Show Exhibitors

From: Julie Bass, Chief Mission Officer

Subject: 2020 Refunds and Premium Payout Update

Date: May 29, 2020

Since the last update, progress has been made regarding payouts to exhibitors.

Entry fee refunds have been mailed to exhibitors for the Open Show and to County 4-H Club/FFA Chapters for Junior Show. The list of shows/contests with refunds are as follows:

Junior Show
  • Ag Mechanics Project Show
  • Ag Product ID
  • Ag Public Speaking
  • Ag Robotics
  • Archery
  • Dairy Judging
  • Food Challenge
  • Livestock Judging
  • Vet Science
  • Wildlife Habitat
  • Wool Judging
  • Heifer Substitution/Ag Mechanics Substitution Fees

Open Show
  • Dairy Cattle Show
  • Intercollegiate Livestock Judging
  • Intercollegiate Wool Judging
  • Llama and Alpaca Shows
  • Open Breeding Rabbits
  • Sheep Dog Trials

Premium payouts:
Exhibitors who placed in the following shows/contests during the 2020 Show will be processed in the next 10 business days:
  • Ag Science Fair
  • Horse Judging
  • Junior Breeding Gilt show
  • Junior Commercial Steer award premiums
  • Open/Junior Breeding Sheep shows
  • Open/Youth Boer & Dairy Goat shows
  • Open/Youth Cattle shows
  • Open/Youth Cavy shows
  • Youth Meat Pen Rabbit and Youth Breeding Rabbit shows
  • Ranching & Wildlife Poster Board, Video, and Young Guns Contests
  • Range & Pasture Plant ID

Exhibitors in the following shows/auctions will receive premiums in mid to late summer:
  • Junior Breeding Beef Heifer, Dairy Heifer, Market Steer, Market Barrow and Market Poultry Exhibitors. The premium amount for each of these shows is TBD.
  • Junior Commercial Steer point money
  • Market Lamb and Goat Auction
  • School Art Auction

Thank you for your continued support and patience during these unprecedented times. We hope you remain safe and healthy. Of course, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You may contact the Livestock Department at livestock@rodeohouston.com.