Speed is the name of the game in Team & Tie Down Roping

March 12, 2021

Speed is the name of the game in Team & Tie Down Roping

Make the catch — that was the name of the game Thursday, March 11 during the 2021 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ roping events.

These timed events consisted of the American Quarter Horse Association Team Roping, All-Breed Youth Team Roping, AQHA Calf Roping and All-Breed Calf Roping.

Based off traditional ranching practices, roping events test both the riders’ speed and precision as they chase down and rope cattle in the arena. Although team roping and calf roping possess the same fundamentals, these events look very different.

During team roping, two riders pair up to strategically rope one steer. Out of the gate, the header ropes the steer’s head. Wrapping the rope around the saddle horn, the header turns to the left to position the steer for the healer to rope.

The healer then ropes the steer’s back legs. The clock stops once both riders’ ropes are tight.

In calf roping, a single rider is given one minute to rope their calf, dismount their horse and tie-down the calf. The time stops once the contestant throws their arms in the air and the calf remains tied on the ground.

Both events allow contestants to demonstrate their horsemanship while providing the opportunity to gain skills that transfer from the arena to the pasture.