Youth Heifer exhibitors earn more than ribbons and banners

March 04, 2021

Youth Heifer exhibitors earn more than ribbons and banners

The 2021 Junior Breeding Heifer Show commenced Wednesday, March 3 with the British Division breeds, including Angus, Hereford, Polled Hereford, Red Angus and Shorthorn.

The 2021 heifer show is divided into divisions: British, Continental and American breeds.

Ireyna Quezada, a 17-year-old Red Angus heifer exhibitor from Dayton, Texas, is only focusing on her excitement. This is her first time attending the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™, and she said she cannot imagine it any other way.

“I know many of my friends have said this year at the stock show feels ‘weird,’ but this is everything I have dreamed of,” Ireyna said.

Ireyna, who said she has been showing breeding beef heifers for three years, said her favorite thing about attending stock shows is meeting exhibitors from all over the state of Texas.

“I will be attending Texas Tech University in the fall,” she said. “Because of showing, I have already met and made friends with so many people from Lubbock that I would not have known otherwise before going to college.”

Though the show scene has altered in comparison to previous years, exhibitors are still taking full advantage of the opportunity to present their projects and safely interact with each other.

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