Energy Saving Tips from our Friends at Reliant

June 25, 2020

Energy Saving Tips from our Friends at Reliant

Check out these useful energy saving tips from our Heritage Partner Reliant.

A creative way to save energy with the kids is to see what meals you can make without using electricity.

Energy saving bulbs use 75 percent less energy, and they last 25 times longer.

Hanging clothes outside is a fun way to save energy instead of running the dryer.

Unplugging phones, tablets and devices once they are charged saves energy and cuts costs.

Smart thermostats can reduce your home energy usage by up to 15% without lifting a finger.

Playing outside instead of watching TV, playing videogames or using electronic devices is a great way to reduce energy usage in your home.

Changing your filters often keeps your AC running efficiently and reduces energy consumption by up to 15%.

Sealing leaks around windows and doors can save you up to 10% on total energy costs.

90% of the energy used by your washing machine goes toward heating the water.