Students to compete in Industrial Crafts Competition during 2020 Rodeo

February 06, 2020

Students to compete in Industrial Crafts Competition during 2020 Rodeo

One of the many exciting things coming to the 2020 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ is the Industrial Crafts Competition.

The new competition promotes the development of skills in industrial crafts by students from seven Houston-area school districts. Teams will construct a spec-built project that will be judged by regional experts from the petrochemical industry. The competition takes place at RODEOHOUSTON on Saturday, March 14.

Each school has been working on the spec-built project since early fall 2019. Industry mentors have worked with the high school instructors to provide their expertise and guidance. In addition, the students keep a journal of their progress that covers their roles, the project safety plan, an incident log, the project schedule and any rework that was completed. 

The completed projects will be delivered to the Rodeo on March 13 to be staged in NRG Center prior to the judging the next day. Each team will deliver a brief presentation to the judges, preceded by a detailed inspection of the project. Projects will remain on display in NRG Center during the 2020 Rodeo season.

The Industrial Crafts Competition further supports the Rodeo’s dedication to supporting Texas youth and education. The competition helps to foster the development of trade craft skills for Texas high school students enrolled in career and technical education programs. 

To learn more about the Rodeo’s support of Texas youth and education, visit The 2020 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is scheduled for March 3 – 22.