Llama and Alpaca Parade

Posted on Thursday, March 14, 2019 in Latest News, Latest News RSS, Homepage - Featured News

Llama and Alpaca Parade


Not a frown was found during the 2019 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ Llama and Alpaca Parade, Thursday, March 14.

Onlookers cheered and waved as Llamas, Alpacas and their handlers strutted through the crowd near NRG Arena. Committee members in intricately-decorated golf carts handed out candy and beads as they weaved through the crowd of Rodeo attendees.

“That is the best part of the Rodeo right there,” said Tanya Barrera, Tours Committee member and parade onlooker.

Sombrero Ranch employee Leeman Tomlinson said the atmosphere in NRG Arena explodes with excitement as the Llama and Alpaca Parade travels through.

The Llama and Alpaca Show, which began Thursday, March 14, and ends Sunday, March 17, attracts exhibitors from across the world each year. Llama and Alpaca Committee member Renee Valadez said the exhibitors are the coolest thing about the Llama and Alpaca Show.

“Everybody is a hard worker. Everybody gets along,” Valadez said. “It is really cool to connect with your exhibitors and know them by name.”

Valadez said they are a close knit group because many of the same exhibitors return year after year.

“We get people from everywhere because we are the largest show there is,” Valadez said. “Getting recognition here is something they [breeders] can use to sell their animals.”

Despite their reputation of spitting, Valadez said llamas and alpacas are quite timid and docile. “Everybody should come out and see these amazing animals,” she said.

Stop by the Llama and Alpaca Show in NRG Arena during your next trip to the Rodeo.