Celebrity Dairy Goat Milking

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Celebrity Dairy Goat Milking

Garbed in white aprons, contestants practiced their techniques as they prepared for the challenge ahead. The Celebrity Dairy Goat Milking Contest at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ was about to launch.

These superstar contestants come from the radio, TV and magazine industries. Some tout years of competition experience. Others are plunging into this competition for the first time.

The lively announcer was full of humor as he introduced the 16 competitors. The competitors talked about dairy goat milking with an air of feigned seriousness that added delight and hilarity to the event.

Competitors were given a 15-second warmup period. The actual competition lasted a whopping 60 seconds.

The goats were perched on milking stands. Beneath them sat small, polka-dot buckets awaiting the precious milk.

After two heats, the winners, who were both from 100.3 The Bull, faced each other for the trophy. George came out on top.

"This is one of my favorite events, it's just so much fun," George said.

He competed in this event last year and said that encouraged him to push forward and earn the victory this year.


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