School Art

How to Participate

Invitations to participate in the School Art Program are extended on an annual basis at the sole discretion of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™. Participation is limited to schools in approved public independent school districts and approved private schools. Each summer, the School Art Committee evaluates each returning school district and private school on its support of the program and evaluates new applicants based on the application criteria and the program's space availability for the coming year.

There is typically a waiting list to join the program; however, school districts and private schools are added whenever possible. Interested school districts and private schools must submit a New School Application.

Download | 2016-2017 New School Application

School Art Auction

Auction Premium Schedule

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeoâ„¢ rewards its School Art exhibitors with guaranteed premiums by securing values for each exhibitor making the auction. The Show is able to give these amounts through a system which includes:

Guaranteed Premiums

The School Art Auction is conducted by a dedicated committee of volunteers who pre-sell a majority of the lots to ensure that each exhibitor receives a minimum guaranteed amount, regardless of whether or not a bid is received on every lot. Guaranteed premiums are a safety net for the exhibitor. Guaranteed premiums are set at a level to maximize the fundraising ability while ensuring that exhibitors receive a premium. With so many lots to sell, it is important to secure enough buyers to cover every lot at the minimum value. Otherwise, the bonus pool will have to be used to cover any unsold lots, meaning smaller (or no) additional premium checks for exhibitors.

Bonus Pool

The bonus pool is created by auction bids that exceed the guaranteed premium amount, but do not surpass the cap. Bonus pool funds are accumulated across all lots and are used to:

  • compensate any exhibitors whose art did not bring the guaranteed payment and,
  • cover any auction expenses that were not covered by donations.

Additional Premiums

After expenses listed in the bonus pool section are covered, remaining funds from the bonus pool are equally distributed among all exhibitors who qualified for auction in the form of additional premiums. If additional premiums are awarded, they are paid in the form of a separate check in the fall of the year.


When bidding exceeds the cap, the excess amount is allocated to the Show’s Educational Fund, which provides scholarships and other educational support. Buyers know that they are supporting the exhibitor on stage as well as the Show’s educational program; therefore, it is common for the top lots in every auction to greatly exceed the cap amount.



Visit the Gallery to see the 2016 School Art Auction winners.

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