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107 Committees

Agricultural Mechanics

Members are primarily responsible for the Agricultural Mechanics Contest, assisting with setup, judging and actual operation of the competition. Additionally, the State FFA Tractor Technician Contest is handled by this committee.

All Breeds Livestock Sales

This committee assists with purebred cattle, and the range bull and commercial heifer sales. Committee members receive consignments for the sale, print sale orders and clerk the sales in their entirety.

Area Go Texan

This committee promotes the Show in surrounding counties through a variety of activities. Each county focuses on increasing ticket sales and Show participation from its area. A Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Area Go Texan Scholarship is awarded to a qualified, outstanding student representing each Area Go Texan county.

Armed Forces Appreciation

Members of the Armed Forces Appreciation Committee serve as liaisons between the Show and U.S. military branches to plan and execute the Armed Forces Appreciation Day during each year’s Show.

Asset Distribution

The Asset Distribution Committee processes Show-approved requests for golf carts, utility vehicles, ATVs and courtesy vehicles, and manages the distribution of these assets.

Auctions Assistance

Members of the Auctions Assistance Committee assist in activities necessary to efficiently facilitate Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo auctions. Duties include collection of forms at auction committee turn in meetings,  data processing, bidder registration and additional administrative tasks.

Black Heritage

The purpose of this committee is to promote the Show in the African-American community through awareness and participation while highlighting the pioneer and Western heritage of black individuals in Houston and throughout the state. Members' efforts help provide funds for college scholarships while celebrating Black Heritage Day annually on the grounds during the Show.