Vice Presidents

Each Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ vice president is elected by the board of directors at its yearly meeting following the Rodeo’s annual meeting. Elected officers shall serve for а term of one year beginning on the date of their election to office or until their respective successors are elected, unless they resign or are removed by the Board of Directors. Other than a salaried officer, no officer shall serve more than three terms in the same office, provided that, in the event that a force majeure prevents the corporation from holding the Rodeo within a calendar year, then the Executive Committee, in its sole discretion, may extend the term limit to permit an officer to serve for more than three terms in the same office.

Serving as officer in charge, each vice president handles many committee assignments. In addition to serving as a Rodeo representative, vice presidents provide vital leadership essential to keeping the Rodeo vibrant and progressive.

Lifetime Vice Presidents and Officers in Charge