Guaranteed Payment

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Schedule of Guaranteed Payment


Grand Champion Barrow $40,000
Reserve Grand Champion Barrow 25,000
Breed Champion Barrows 10,000
Reserve Breed Champion Barrows 7,500
Division Champion Barrows 4,000
Reserve Division Champion Barrows 3,000
1st Place Barrows 1,750
2nd Place Barrows 1,500
3rd Place Barrows 1,250
4th Place Barrows 1,000
5th Place Barrows 900
All Remaining Placing Barrows 800


Grand Champion Broilers $30,000
Reserve Grand Champion Broilers 15,000
Remaining 1st – 10th Place Broilers (of each sex) 4,000
11th – 15th Place Broilers 1,250
16th – 25th Place Broilers 800
26th – 50th Place Broilers 700
51st – 75th Place Broilers 600
76th – 100th Place Broilers 500


Grand Champion Goat $30,000
Reserve Grand Champion Goat 20,000
Division Champions 10,000
Reserve Division Champions 7,500
Remaining 1st Place Goats 5,000
Remaining 2nd Place Goats 4,000
3rd Place Goats 3,000
4th Place Goats 2,000
5th Place Goats 1,500
6th Place Goats 1,100
All Remaining Placing Goats 1,000


Grand Champion Lamb $40,000
Reserve Grand Champion Lamb 25,000
Breed Champion Lambs 10,000
Reserve Breed Champion Lambs 7,500
1st Place Lambs 5,000
2nd Place Lambs 4,000
3rd Place Lambs 3,000
4th Place Lambs 2,000
5h Place Lambs 1,500
6th Place Lambs 1,100
All Remaining Placing Lambs 1,000


Grand Champion Steer $75,000
Reserve Grand Champion Steer 40,000
Breed Champion Steers 15,000
Reserve Breed Champion Steers 12,500
Remaining 1st Place Steers 6,000
Remaining 2nd Place Steers 5,000
3rd Place Steers 3,000
4th Place Steers 2,750
5th Place Steers 2,500
All Remaining Placing Steers 2,250


Grand Champion Turkey $30,000
Reserve Grand Champion Turkey 15,000
Remaining 1st - 12th Place Turkeys 4,000
13th - 24th Place Turkeys 700
25th - 36th Place Turkeys 600
All Remaining Placing Turkeys 500

Bonus Pool

The amount of money bid and collected between the Guaranteed Payment and the Potential Maximum Payment from each lot is reserved in the "Bonus Pool." These funds are used to offset any lots that did not sell for the Guaranteed Payment amount and for auction expenses. Any remaining Bonus Pool funds, after all Guaranteed Payment and auction expenses have been paid, are shared among the placing exhibitors. No exhibitor shall ever receive more than the Potential Maximum Payment.

Junior Market Auctions

Junior Market Auctions