Individual Tickets

Hess Chute Seats
$300 or $350

  • First Row: $350
  • Second – Fourth Row: $300
  • Rodeo and Concert seating
  • Steak dinner with open bar
  • “Down-in-the-Dirt” chair
  • Complimentary hearty hors d’oeuvres

Action Seats

  • Sold as Season Tickets
  • Complimentary soft drinks
  • Complimentary hearty snacks
  • Access to cash bar

field level seats

  • Sold as Season Tickets
  • Easy access to concourse
  • Great view of rodeo & concert

club level seats
$35 or $40

  • End Zones: $35
  • Sidelines: $40
  • Sold as Season Tickets
  • Upscale food & drink choices
  • Access to four themed bars

loge level seats

  • Located on fifth level

Upper level Seats

  • Located on the sixth level

Ticket Resale Policy

Read Policy

  • Barcodes on tickets believed to have been sold/resold in violation of this Policy may be deactivated, and the tickets voided.
  • The Show retains the right to refrain from selling tickets to anyone who allegedly resells tickets for an amount greater than the stated face value.
  • Season ticket holders who are believed to have sold Show tickets to ticket resellers/"scalpers" will lose the privilege of purchasing tickets from the Show in the future.
  • Suite holders may sell individual performance tickets for the price paid for each suite ticket plus the exact direct proportionate cost of any food, beverage, bartender and suite attendant. In no case shall the suite licensee or any person to whom a ticket is sold profit financially from its resale.
  • Any Show member found to be in violation of this Policy shall be subject to expulsion from membership. Show volunteers shall, likewise, be subject to removal from committee membership. Members of the Show's board of directors shall additionally be subject to removal from the board.
* "Face Value" is the cost printed on the ticket plus any Show authorized service fee.