School Tours and Field Trips


Registration is now closed. The 2016 School Tours and Field Trips program is full. 

  • School Tour - a 45 minute scheduled, guided tour through the AGventure in NRG Center
  • Field Trip - completely self-guided and at your own time and pace

Both School Tours and Field Trips may visit the rest of the Show grounds, including Fun on the Farm and Kids Country, on their own. Access to NRG Stadium, including the rodeo and concert, is not included for either type.

What is the...

cost of the program?

Complimentary admission tickets to the Houston Livestock Show are provided for school children and a limited number of chaperones. To ensure as many children as possible are able to participate, we limit the number of complimentary adult tickets to an adult to children ration of 1:8. If your group requires more than the recommended adults, you may purchase general admission tickets at the gate for $10.

What about...


Parking passes are provided for official school buses only. Private cars and other vehicles may park in the Yellow (Main Street) Lot. The fee to park in the Yellow Lot is $12 per car; free tram service is available from the Yellow Lot to the NRG Park entrance. Parking also may be purchased at various other locations.

Parking Options

What activities...

are available during our visit?

In February, registered groups will receive a packet describing the exhibits and attractions in AGventure and Kids Country. The packet will include event times and any additional costs. Until then, please visit Activities and Events.