33,000 Strong!

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ would not be the well-run success that it is today without the vision, dedication and hard work of its volunteers. What began as a small group of people with a dream has developed into an event supported by the efforts of more than 33,000 volunteers.

Serving on more than 100 different committees, these volunteers keep the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo's mission alive. They commit their time and talents to support the youth of Texas, plus share a passion for our Western heritage. What may be surprising to many is the diversity of volunteers that dedicate their time to this immense organization — people from Houston and hundreds of cities across Texas, people from outside of Texas, people who run multi-million dollar companies, people who are full-time students working on their education, people who are volunteering for the first time, people that have been volunteering for decades. There are no boundaries for these dedicated volunteers.

The efforts of the volunteers are most apparent during the Show when they are directing traffic, assisting exhibitors, providing hospitality, greeting guests, coordinating contests and more. But in a year's time, each volunteer donates an average of 67.8 hours of service to the Show. This includes year-round efforts such as raising money for scholarships, planning and organizing events, holding Go Texan contests, speaking to groups about the Show, working with auction buyers, setting up facilities and much more.

Each year, Show volunteers work a total of 2.1 million hours, based on 67.8 hours per volunteer.

The current national estimated value of volunteer time for Texas is $24.66 per hour. Committee volunteers represent a workforce of more than $51 million each year.

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